Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Vernissages | The Making of Parametricism: Santiago Calatrava at Marlborough Gallery

An exhibition of Santiago Calatrava sculptures (and drawings) opened yesterday at the Marlborough Gallery.
    As a scholar and maker of geometry I was intrigued in understanding the process behind the making of fairly similar sculptures. The recurrent helicoidal shapes seem to be generated by repetition and scaling of an initial module/parameter; several cycles and types of metals also created diversity in the sculptural artwork.

A different type of shape, derived from a minimal surface
The exhibition also included drawings by Calatrava

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

practice | dual body patterns in the 'ico-fit'

On March 15 the 'ico-fit', formerly known as 'movement infrastructure' has been used as framework for a practice performed by two movers. Two movement sequences were performed. One practice was based on 'Finding the Axis Mundi', a flow of movement based on a vocabulary of yoga asanas.

The other movement practice was inspired by the geometry of the structure, in the sequence Octahedron in the Icosahedron. Each mover performed movement in rotational symmetry connecting arms and legs to the midpoints of the edges.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Memories of My Mother: Grace and Kindness

My mother and I in Piazzale degli Eroi, Rome

Today is mother's day, another celebration so exploited by this consumerist culture. Yet for me, transplanted from the other side of the Atlantic, this day brings so many sour-sweet memories.

I remember my mother for her great teachings of grace, kindness and compassion. In this day I have memories of my childhood in a place in times long gone: Roma of the 1960s. The world, so different now, is often associated it with the narratives of Italian movies from that time, in the city which was beautifully portrayed by Fellini and Antonioni. Going through photos of my mother, makes me so nostalgic, sad but peaceful.

Au revoir, mamma.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

camminando | Walking Through Geometry, Stars and Moon

I walk to Chelsea. My main destination is Frank Stella's exhibition at Marianne Boesky Gallery. His sculptural work explores star polyhedra. Uncannily the word "Stella" in Italian means star.

Polyhedra and other geometry inspired sculptural forms at "Frank Stella"
 Another geometric encounter is the exhibition "Modulated Space" at Luhring Augustine of the Brazilian artist Lygia Clark (1920-1988). Lygia Clark was a founding member of the Neo-Concrete movement, whose work revolved about geometric abstraction, non-representational and mathematical art. Uncannily Lygia Clark's ouvre shares commonality with another Brazilian artist with the same first name, Lygia Pape, whose work is currently shown at a remarkable retrospective at the Met Breuer.

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometries at Lygia Clark "Modulated Space"

My visual memories of the day end with the full moon framed by buildings of 14th Street
Total walk length: 4 miles