Sunday, January 29, 2017

vernissages | Chelsea January 26

Meatpacking District

Naturalia at Paul Kasmin

Richard Nonas "Slant" at Fergus McCaffrey

"The Museum of Non-objective Painting | the Birth of the Guggenheim" at Leila Heller 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March in New York | “Ce n'est qu'un début, continuons le combat!"

300,000 people of all ages, gender and races—women, men, children— rallied around Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, near the United Nation and one of the ubiquitous Trump Towers before marching through the streets toward Fifth Avenue. It was a peaceful, civilized protest with a unifying agenda for human rights against misogyny, hatred, xenophobia, income inequality.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Outsider Art Fair 2017 | Outside Art vs Insider Art, or Just Art?

The 25th edition of the Outsider Art Fair is taking place  at The Metropolitan Pavilion. From the organizers' statement "the singular fair dedicated to self-taught art created outside the mainstream.‘Outsider Art’ was originally conceived as an English synonym for ‘Art Brut’, a label coined by Jean Dubuffet to describe art created outside the confines of official culture."
The Outsider Art Fair was founded in 1993 in New York and it has been defined as the "hallmark event championing self-taught artists." But what is "outsider art" in contemporary art? And what is the meaning of "self-taught"? In the interdisciplinary melting pot of works often merging science, technology, philosophy in conceptual, minimalist and performance art, can we still refer to self-taught artists? In today's art landscape the distinction between art and life is becoming increasingly blurred into cross-disciplinary and multimedia works, often made of recycled or construction materials. 
My picks from the fair are the presentation of Jean-Daniel Allanche apartment from Galerie Hervé Perdriolle and works from the estate of the visionary Paul Laffoley (1935-2015) in the Kent Fine Arts booth.

The mandala inspired two-dimensional artwork presented by the Brooklyn based gallery Magic Markings was also intriguing and expanding to a discourse merging art and spirituality.

 A crossover of art, spirituality and cosmological interpretations can be seen in the cosmographical diagrams presented by the  American Primitive Gallery located in the Manhattan Upper East Side.

Although perhaps it not totally "outsider" the fair is definitely a must see, a reminder in these dark days that art is part of life and making art or even just enjoying can improve our living. 

The Metropolitan Pavilion 
125 West 18th Street
January 19-22 2015

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Uptown Walking in Harlem & Vernissages in the Lower East Side| January 8 2017

The legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem, 125 Street

Snapshots of latest exhibition of Brian O’Doherty (formerly Patrick Ireland) at Simone Subal Gallery

Lower East Side: Karen Heagle & Kate Gilmore Performance "Beat" at On Stellar Rays

Carl D’Alvia "Endless" at  Nathalie Karg Gallery

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thoughts | 2017 Year Resolution and First Snowstorm in NYC

Uncannily the first snowstorm of 2017 in New York coincides with the first storm of the year in my family life. Uncanny is the adjective which best describes how my personal life events are situated within a general social context. Or perhaps such link is not really uncanny but that be explained in a very fast two-way ripple effect from the private to the public or the personal to the political realm.
    For over two years I have  thrown in the dystopian world of divorce : greed driven strangers dig their claws into the most personal life of confused individuals. There is no regulation to such display of human cruelty and greed: vultures wearing suits do not respect grief or intimate relationships. I am referring to divorce attorneys, one of the worst examples of human nature I have ever encountered.
    The past few years' year resolution have failed, due to struggling with pressure from life events independent from my control. This year I have decided of not making any new year resolution. The acceptance of what I can control and recognition of what I cannot will be driven my resilience plan for the upcoming year.

The first snowstorm of 2017, from Central Park

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

2016 Calendar | Art, culture, thoughts, nature, and not only...

March Equinox: March 20, 4:31 UTC                                                     

Manhattanhenge 2015 | May 30 1:12 UTC  - July 12 8:21 EDT             
June Solstice: June 20,  22:35 UTC                                                        

September Equinox: September 22,  14:22 UTC                                      

December Solstice: December 21 10:45 UTC                                          

Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° April 23 | EARTH DAY                          
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° December 31
SunRise: 07:20 (GMT-5) at  120° | Noon: 12:59 (GMT-5) at 180° | SunSet: 16:39(GMT-5)  at 240°
Weather: 44°F low of  40 °F | Clouds & Sun | Wind: SSW 13 mph 
Performance: Finding the Axis Mundi at  40.78°, -73.98°, 4:20pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° December 29

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. 
Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” 
—Elie Wiesel

SunRise: 07:20 (GMT-5) at  120° | Noon: 12:58 (GMT-5) at 180° | SunSet: 16:37(GMT-5)  at 240°
Weather: 46°F low of  36°F | Rain, Clouds & Sun | Wind: W 14 mph 
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° December 24
SunRise: 07:18 (GMT-5) at  121° | Noon: 12:56 (GMT-5) at 180° | SunSet: 16:33 (GMT-5)  at 239°
Weather: 47°F low of  37°F; Clouds & Sun || Wind: 8 mph 
Events Playa del Carmen (Mexico), 20.69726, -87.01423 December 21
SunRise: 07:11 (GMT-6) at  120° | Noon: 11:50 (GMT-6) at 180° | SunSet: 18:13 (GMT-6)  at 245°
Weather: 28°C  low 22°C; Clouds & Sun Rainstorm 
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° December 12
SunRise: 07:20 (GMT-5) at  115° | Noon: 12:47 (GMT-5) at 180° | SunSet: 16:29 (GMT-5)  at 240°
Weather: 46°F low of  35°F; Clouds & Sun || Wind: 8 mph 
Keith Sonnier "Ebo River and Early Works"  at Pace Gallery, 32 East 57 Street, 5-7pm
BSC Workshop: "Meditation and Mindfulness: Increase Presence and Focus In Your Work and Life" at Centre for Social Innovation, 601 West 26th Street #325,  7-8:30pm RSVP required
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° December 8
SunRise: 07:08 (GMT-5) at  115° | Noon: 11:48 (GMT-5) at 180° | SunSet: 16:29 (GMT-5)  at 245°
Weather: 43°F low of  33°F; Clouds & Sun || Wind: 12 mph 
Performance: Kameelah Janan Rasheed "A More Convenient Season" at The 8th Floor, 17 W 17th St, 6-8pm 
Sopheap Pich "Rang Phnom Flower" at Tyler Rollins Fine Art, 529 W 20 street, 6-8pm 
Andrew Kuo "No to Self", Jack Smith "Viewing Room", Davina Semo "FUBAR" at Marlborough Gallery (Chelsea), 545 W 25 Street, 6-8pm
Alan Sonfist, Mahmoud Hamadani, Olivier Catté, Wang Huangsheng "A Fine Line" at artnet (Art100 Gallery), 555 W 25 Street, 6-8pm
Zahn Hadid at Leila Heller Gallery, 568 w 25 Street, 6-8pm
"Victory Garden" at Planthouse, 55 W 28 Street, 6-8pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° November 16
SunRise: 06:45 (GMT-5) at  115° | Noon: 12:41 (GMT-5) at 180° | SunSet: 16:47 (GMT-5)  at 245°
Weather: 69°F low of  49°F; Clouds & Sun || Wind: WNW 10 mph 
Jillian Mayer and Adam Parker Smith “Social Structures” at Maiden Lane Exhibition Space, 125 Maiden Lane, 6-8pm
"RE/COLLECTION" at The New School (Wollman Hall), 65 W 11 street, 6-8pm
"Total Eccess" at Milk Gallery, 450 W 15 Street, 6-9pm
"Eden" at Aperture Gallery, 527 W 27, 7-8:30pm
Shirley Siegal "The First Supper, art installation, traveling project" curated by Natalie Burlutskaya at Gallery MC, 549 W 52 Street, 6:30-8:30pm
Ai Jing "Love" & Israel Hershberg “Paintings, Drawings & Photographs”at Marlborough (Midtown), 40 W 57 Street, 6-8pm
“Unsettled” at Gallery Korea, 460 Park Avenue, 6-8pm
Uday K. Dhar "I Am A God" curated by Leanne Stella at Art In FLUX, 163 Lenox avenue, 6-9pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° November 3
SunRise: 07:29 (GMT-4) at  110° | Noon: 12:40 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 17:49 (GMT-4)  at 250°
Weather: 69°F low of  50°F;  Clouds & Rain || Wind: W 13 mph 
Matt Mullican "Pantagraph" at Peter Freeman, Inc., 140 Grand Street, h. 18-20
Josef Albers “Grey Steps, Grey Scales, Grey Ladders” at David Zwirner, 537 W 20 Street, 6h. 18-20
Martin La Rosa "Flores Encontradas" at Praxis International Art, 541 West 25th St, h. 18-20
Pedro S. de Movellan "Code" at Maxwell Davidson. 521 W 26 Street, h. 18-20
Helen Lundeberg "Classic Attitude" at Cristin Tierney Gallery, 540 W 28 Street, h. 18-20
William Christenberry "Summer | Winter" at Pace/MacGill, 32 E 57 Street, h. 17:30-19:30pm
Andy Warhol "IDOLIZED" at David Benrimon Fine Art, 730 Fifth avenue, at 57th Street, h. 18-20
Mike Kelley “Memory Ware” at Hauser & Wirth, 32 E 69 Street, h. 18-20
Elizabeth Peyton "SPEED POWER TIME HEART / NEW PAINTINGS" at Gladstone Gallery, 130 E 64 Street, h. 17:30-19:30
Events Rome, 41.9000° 12.5000°  October 26
SunRise: 07:36 (GMT-4) at  106° | Noon: 12:54 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:12 (GMT-4)  at 254°
Weather: 75°F low of  60°F;  Rain|| Wind: NNO 2mph 
Álvaro Siza In Italia 1976-2016 / La misura dell'occidente , Accademia Nazionale di San Luca - Palazzo Carpegna,​ Piazza Dell'accademia Di San Luca 77, h. 17:30
16:13 / Rome meets Glasgow ​, Macro Testaccio, Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4, h. 18
Colors. Omaggio al colore, ​Edieuropa QUI Arte Contemporanea,​ Piazza Cenci 56, h. 18
Magic Lantern Film Festival 2016, American Academy in Rome, Via Angelo Masina 5, h. 18
Tappezzeria, Fondazione Esclusiva, Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese 81, h.18
Beyond Borders. Transnational Italy, ​The British School at Rome,​ Via Antonio Gramsci 61, h.19
Events Rome, 41.9000° 12.5000°  October 25
SunRise: 07:34 (GMT-4) at  106° | Noon: 12:54 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:13 (GMT-4)  at 254°
Weather: 80°F low of  64°F;  Clouds &Sun || Wind: SSE 9mph 
Christophe Constantin - Check-in , Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Via Degli Ausoni 7, h. 19-21:30
La Velocità delle Immagini , Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Via Ludovisi 48, h. 18:30
Events Rome, 41.9000° 12.5000°  October 24
SunRise: 07:33 (GMT-4) at  105° | Noon: 12:43 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:15 (GMT-4)  at 254°
Weather: 81°F low of  65°F;  Clouds &Sun || Wind: ESE 8mph 
Ricapitolando 1996-2016 , Plus Arte Puls​, Viale Mazzini 1/Lungo Tevere del Risorgimento 35, h. 18
Presentation: RAW (Rome Art Week), Chorus, Via Della Conciliazione 4, h.18:30
(Paul) Athanas - Hidden Intentions, Studio d'Arte Evasioni, Via Dei Delfini 23, h.19
Tower of Babel, ​Tralevolte,​ Piazza Di Porta San Giovanni 10, h.18:30
Tris Vonna-Michell - Register, T293,​ via Repense 6, h.19
Events Rome, 41.9000° 12.5000°  October 23
SunRise: 07:32 (GMT-4) at  105° | Noon: 12:43 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:16 (GMT-4)  at 255°
71°F;  Clouds  || Wind: SSE 9mph 
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° October 8
SunRise: 07:00 (GMT-4) at  97° | Noon: 12:43 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:26 (GMT-4)  at 262°
Weather: 70°F low of  58°F;  Clouds & Rain || Wind: SSE 5 mph 
Lecture: "Color Science: the Alchemical Colors of Alfonso Ossorio", 100 Eleventh Avenue, 4pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° October 7
SunRise: 06:59 (GMT-4) at  97° | Noon: 12:44 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:28 (GMT-4)  at 263°
Weather: 74°F low of  60°F;  Sun & Clouds|| Wind: SSE 8 mph 
“Lulu Lolo, Where Are the Women?" at The Center for Book Arts, 28 W 27th Street, 6-8pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° October 6
SunRise: 06:58 (GMT-4) at  96° | Noon: 12:44 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:29 (GMT-4)  at 263°
Weather: 72°F low of  57°F;  Sun & Clouds|| Wind: SSE 2 mph 
Olga Chernysheva "Vague Accent" , "Open Sessions 8: Planes and Corridors", Cecily Brown "Rehearsal", "Ghost Reels" at The Drawing Center, 35 Wooster street, 6-8pm
Michelle Bratsafolis, Dennis John Bourke, and Terracotta at National Academy Museum & School, 5 East 89 Street, 6-8pm
Performance: Eiko "A Body in Fukushima" at  "The Christa Project: Manifesting Divine Bodies", Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, 1047 Amsterdam Avenue, 6:30-8:30pm 

Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° October 2
SunRise: 06:54 (GMT-4) at  94° | Noon: 12:45 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:36 (GMT-4)  at 265° 
Weather: 67°F low of  61°F;  Clouds|| Wind: ES6 mph 
Sculptural installation & performance: "Making Moves" at Maker Faire, New York Hall of Science, 47-01 111 Street, Corona, Queens, 10am-6pm      
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° September 29
SunRise: 06:41 (GMT-4) at  93° | Noon: 12:46 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:41 (GMT-4)  at 267° 
Weather: 61°F low of  51°F;  Rain || Wind: ENE 14 mph 
Conference: VARIOUS "2016 ANNY Best of Fest" curated by Animation Nights New York at 180 Maiden Lane Gallery, 180 Maiden Lane, 11am-11pm
"Something Possible Everywhere: Pier 34, NYC, 1983-84" at Hunter College Art Galleries, 205 Hudson Street, 7-9pm
Art Fair: "Affordable Art Fair New York (Fall 2016)" at Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18t Street, 11am-9pm
Roy McMakin, "A Table", Garth Greenan Gallery, 529 W 20 Street, 6-8pm
John Baldessari "Madame Cezanne's Hairdos" at Gemini G.E.L. (Joni Moisant Weyl), 535 W 24 Street, 3rd floor, 6-8pm
Benjamin Tritt "Prototype" at David Krut Projects, 526 W 26 Street, 6-8pm
Exhibition: “From Virtual to Actual 5"" curated by Vernita Nemec at Viridian Artists, 548 W 28 Street, 6-8pm
"Cover Revolution! Illustrators and the New Face of Italian Publishing" curated by Melania Gazzotti at Italian Cultural Institute of New York, 686 Park Avenue, 6-8pm

Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° September 27
SunRise: 06:49 (GMT-4) at  92° | Noon: 12:47 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:44 (GMT-4)  at 268° 
Weather: 71°F low of  61°F;  Sun  & Clouds || Wind: NE 6 mph 
''Street Colors of New York'' curated by One Art Space at One Art Space, 23 Warren Street, 6-9pm 
"Work in Progress" curated by POWERHOUSE, Storefront for Art and Architecture at Storefront for Art and Architecture, 97 Kenmare Street, 7-9pm
"Self-Reflections" at Untitled Space, 45 Lispenards Street, 6-9pm

Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° September 24
SunRise: 06:46 (GMT-4) at  90° | Noon: 12:49 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:49 (GMT-4)  at 270° 
Weather: 73°F low of  54°F;  Sun  & Clouds || Wind: N 8 mph 
Annette Lemieux: Research Series "Past Present" & Adrian Piper, Carl Ostendarp, Doug Ashford, Gretchen Bender, Jessica Diamond, Joan Wallace, Joel Otterson, John Giorno, Julia Wachtel, Leo Gabin, Mac Adams, Mark Barrow, Miranda Lichtenstein, Philippe Decrauzat, Sarah Parke, Steven Parrino "First Exhibition" at Elizabeth Dee Gallery, 2033/2037 Fifth Avenue, 12-7pm
Artist Talk: Lydia Okumura "SITUATIONS continued: Reflections on an Exhibition" at Broadway 1602, 211-213 W 121 Street, 6pm
BBQ, David Weeks Studio, 1818 Atlantic Avenue, 2-8pm RSVP required
"NARS Residency Open Studios" at NARS Foundation, 201 46th street, floor 4, noon-6pm 
"The Grand Opening" at New Lab, 128 Navy Yard Building , Cumberland & Flushing, 7-10pm      
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° September 23
SunRise: 06:44 (GMT-4) at  89° | Noon: 12:49 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:52 (GMT-4)  at 271° 
Weather: 87°F low of  63°F;  Sun  & Clouds || Wind: SSW 6 mph
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° September 22
SunRise: 06:44 (GMT-4) at  89° | Noon: 12:49 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:52 (GMT-4)  at 271° 
Weather: 84°F low of  64°F;  Sun  & Clouds || Wind: SE 6 mph 
Ugo Rondinone "the sun at 4pm" at Gladstone Gallery, 530 W 21 Street, 6-8pm
Julie Mehretu "Hoodnyx, Voodoo and Stelae" at Marian Goodman Gallery, 24 W 57 Street, 6-8pm
Performance: Finding the Axis Mundi at  40.78°, -73.98°6:30pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° September 20
SunRise: 06:42 (GMT-4) at  88°  | Noon: 12:49 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:56 (GMT-4)  at 272° 
Weather: 82°F low of  69°F;  Sun  & Clouds || Wind: SE 4 mph 
Rasheed Araeen "Geometry and Symmetry", Aicon Gallery, 35 Great Jones Street,  6-8pm
Angelica Bergamini "CONSCIOUS" at Ivy Brown Gallery, 675 Hudson Street, 6-8pm
Georg Baselitz: "Jumping Over My Shadow" at Gagosian Gallery, 521 W 21 Street,  6-8pm
Talk: James Hansen "Earth SOS" at Flomenhaft Gallery, 547 W 27 Street, 6-9pm

Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° September 18
SunRise: 06:40 (GMT-4) at  87°  | Noon: 12:50 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 18:59 (GMT-4)  at 273° 
Weather: 80°F low of  72°F;  Sun  & Clouds || Wind: S 6 mph 
Manhattan LES
Katie Paterson at James Cohan Gallery, 291 Grand Street, 6-8pm
Lillian Schwartz "Lillian Schwartz: Pioneer of Computer art" at Magenta Plains, 94 Allen Street, 6-8pm 
Colleen Asper "Nobody/Monobody" at On Stellar Rays, 213 Bowery, 6-8pm 
Kenji Fujita "Will and Weather" at Soloway, Williamsburg: 348 South 4th Street, 6-8pm  
Performance: Matthew D. Gantt "Iterations" at Panoply Performance Laboratory, 104 Meserole Street, 1-10pm 
"Mierle Laderman Ukeles: Maintenance Art" at Queens Museum of Art (New York City Building), Flushing Meadows Corona Park, 3-6:30pm
"NY Art Book Fair" at MoMA PS1, 22-25 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, 11am-7pm
Cosima von Bonin "Who's Exploiting Who In The Deep Sea?", Sarah McCrory, Aki Sasamoto "Delicate Cycle"  at SculptureCenter, 44-19 Purves street, 5-7pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° September 17
SunRise: 06:39 (GMT-4) at  87°  | Noon: 12:50 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:01 (GMT-4)  at 273° 
Weather 76°F low of  69°F;  Sun  & Clouds || Wind: SSE 8 mph 
"Early in the Game" at Freight + Volume, 97 Allen street, 6-9pm 
"Line and Form" curated by Marina Reiter at Studio 26, 179 E 3 street, 6-8pm 
Nick Walker "The Last Ride" at WALLWORKS NEW YORK, 39 Bruckner Boulevard, 5-8pm
"Friends:Passed and Present" at havenSBX, 128 Alexander Avenue,, 6-10pm 
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° September 15
SunRise: 06:3(GMT-4) at  86°  | Noon: 12:51 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:04 (GMT-4)  at 274° 
72°low of  60°F;  Sun  & Cloud|| Wind: E 7 mph  
Daniel Arsham “Circa 2345”, Galerie Perrotin, 909 Madison Avenue, 4-8pm
"18 Anonymous Facts"at Cheryl Hazan, 35 North Moore Street, 6-8pm
Ernst Caramelle "serious candy revisited" at Peter Freeman, Inc., 140 Grand Street, 6-8pm
"COSMOGONIES" at AFA Gallery, 54 Greene Street, 6-8pm
Arahmaiani "Shadow of the Past" at Tyler Rollins Fine Art, 529 W 20 Street, 6-8pm
"Group Show: Cut, Folded, Pressed & Other Actions"& Fred Sandback "Vertical Constructions" at David Zwirner, 537 West 20 Street, 6-8pm
Thomas Schutte "Frauen" at Skarstedt Gallery, Ltd, 550 W 21 Street, 6-8pm
Hans-Peter Feldmann at 303 Gallery, 555 W 21 Street, 6-8pm
"New Paintings, Sculpture & Ceramics" at Jim Kempner Fine Art, 501 W 23 Street, 6-8pm
Rebecca Morgan "In The Pines" at Asya Geisberg Gallery, 537B W 23 Street, 6-8pm

Michal Rovner "Night" at Pace Gallery, 510 West 25t Street, 6-8pm
Doug Hall "Letters in the Dark: Franz Kafka and Milena Jesenská" at Benrubi Gallery, 521 W 26 Street, 6-8pm
Dan Walsh "Prints & Multiples" at Pace Prints (Chelsea), 521 W 26 Street, 6-8pm
Roxy Paine "THERMOPLASTIC FLUX" at Paul Kasmin Gallery (PK SHOP), 293 Tenth avenue,6-8pm
"The Present Embracing the Past" at Art Mora Gallery & "Book of Taboo" at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, 547 West 27th Street, 6-8pm
"Women! Women! (of the '50s)" at Anita Shapolsky, 152 E 65 Street, 6-8pm
Angela A’Court "The Poetry of Mending" at Susan Eley Fine Art, 46 W 90 Street, 6-8pm

Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° September 14
SunRise: 06:36(GMT-4) at  85°  | Noon: 12:51 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:06 (GMT-4)  at 275° 
88°low of  62°F;  Sun  & Cloud|| Wind: SW 8 mph  
Book Signing: Peter Marino at Gagosian Shop, 976 Madison Avenue, 6-8pm
Richard Pousette-Dart: The Centennial, Pace Gallery, 32 E.57th Street, 6-8pm
Henry Holmes Smith at Gitterman Gallery, 41 E 57 Street, 6-8pm
"Art in Motion and Cinematic VR" at Anderson Contemporary,180 Maiden Lane, 6-8pm  
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° September 13
SunRise: 06:35(GMT-4) at  85°  | Noon: 12:52 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:08 (GMT-4)  at 275° 
81°low of  68°F;  Sun  & Cloud|| Wind: SSW 8 mph
Elizabeth Ferrill, Michael Krueger "Possible Blueprint" at Planthouse, 55 W 28 Street, 6-8pm 
Adriana Marmorek "Love Relics" at Nohra Haime Gallery, 730 Fifth Avenue,  6-8pm
Paula Crown "Freezing Rain" at Marlborough Gallery (Uptown), 40 W 57 Street, 6-8pm 
Zoe Leonard "In the Wake" at Hauser & Wirth New York, 32 E 69 Street, 6-8pm 
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° September 8
SunRise: 06:30(GMT-4) at  82°  | Noon: 12:53 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:18 (GMT-4)  at 278° 
88°low of  78°F;  Sun  & Cloud|| Wind: S 6 mph
Leandro Katz, Frederick Catherwood "Reading Images: Incidents of Travel Viewing Room: The Catherwood Project" at Storefront for Art and Architecture, 97 Kenmare Street, 4-8:30pmAlix Pearlstein "Harem ROOM­1" at On Stellar Rays, 213 Bowery, 6-8pm 
Lorna Simpson at Salon 94 (Bowery), 243 Bowery, 6-8pm
Emilio Cavallini “Harmony Runs On A Thread” at GR Gallery, 255 Bowery, 6-8pm

Jessica Mein "Desvios" at Simon Preston Gallery, 301 Broome Street, 6-8pm
 "The Congregation" curated by Joshua Abelow at Jack Hanley Gallery, 327 Broome Street, 6-8pm"Dolores" curated by Todd von Ammon at Team Gallery, 83 Grand Street, 6-8pm

Pernille Fristad, Sirenes "When Art Meets Fashion" curated by Marina Reiter at Studio 26, 179 E 3 Street, 6-8pmBragi Þór Jósefsson "Iceland Defense Force" at Umbrella Arts, 317 E 9 Street, 6-8pmSOHO / VILLAGE MEATPACKING
Linda Lighton "Sex and Death" at Patrick Parrish, 50 Lispenard Street, 6-8pm
Will Rawls "SOLO EXHIBITION" at Kate Werble Gallery, 83 Vandam Street, 7pm
Vadis Turner "Bells & Burn Piles" at Jack Geary, 185 Varick Street, 6-8pm
Hubert Phipps "Journey" curated by Graham Nickson at New York Studio School, 8 W 8 Street, 6-8pm
"Shadow Themes: Finding the Present in the Past" curated by Biba Schutz, Marjorie Simon at Reinstein/Ross, 30 Gansevoort Street, 6-8pm

Simon Denny "Blockchain Future States" at Petzel Gallery, 456 W 18th St, 6-8pm
Rashid Johnson "Fly Away" at Hauser & Wirth New York, 511 W 18th St, 6-8pm
"Ten Thousand Things: New Works by Wu Jian'an" at Chambers Fine Art, 522 W 19 Street, 6-8pm
Meleko Mokgosi "Democratic Intuition" at Jack Shainman Gallery, 513 W 20 Street, 6-8pm
Caitlin Keogh "Loose Ankles" at Bortolami, 520 W 20 Street, 6-8pm
Ishbel Myerscough "Up Close" at Flowers Gallery, 529 W 20 Street, 3rd floor, 6-8pm
Paul Glabicki "THE LIGHT drawing series" at Kim Foster Gallery, 529 W 20 Street, 6-8pm
Jonas Wood "Portraits" at Anton Kern, 532 W 20 Street, 6-8pm
James Busby "Life Round Here" at Kravets|Wehby Gallery, 521 W 21 Street, 6-8pm
Slavs and Tatars "Afteur Pasteur" at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, 521 W 21 Street, 6-8pm
"Sol LeWitt" at Paula Cooper Gallery, 534 W 21 Street, 6-8pm
Miao Xioachun "Metamorphosis" at Klein Sun Gallery, 525 W 22 Street, 6-8pm
Mitch Epstein "Rocks and Clouds" at Yancey Richardson Gallery, 525 W 22 Street, 6-8pm
Leonardo Drew, Jennie C. Jones "AMPLITUDE" at Sikkema Jenkins & Co., 530 W 22 Street, 6-8pm
Jack Whitten "The Sixties" at Allan Stone Projects, 535 W 22 Street, 6-8pm
Sally Gall "Aerial" at Julie Saul Gallery, 535 W 22 Street, 6-8pm
Osgemeos "Silence of the Music" at Lehmann Maupin, 536 W 22 Street, 6-8pm
Brian Dettmer "Dodo Data Dada" at P.P.O.W., 535 W. 22nd Street, 3, 6-8pm
"Boundless Nature: Real and Imagined" at DC Moore, 535 West 22nd st, 2, 6-8pm

 "Mind Storm" at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, 505 W 24 Street, 6-8pm
Donald Moffett "any fallow field" at Marianne Boesky Gallery, 509 W 24 Street, 6-8pm
Matthew Barney "Facility of DECLINE" at Gladstone Gallery, 515 W 24 Street, 6-8pm
Dan Schein "'Where Do We Dump The Bodies?'" at Mike Weiss Gallery, 520 W 24 Street, 6-8pm
Ryan Wallace "Surveyor" at Susan Inglett Gallery, 522 W 24 Street, 6-8pm
Cotter LuppiSharon Louden "Windows" at Morgan Lehman Gallery, 534 W 24 Street, 6-8pm
Alexi Torres "Sun Light" at Unix Gallery, 532 W 24th Street, 10011, 6-8pm
Peter Soriano "3 murals & related drawings" at Lennon, Weinberg, Inc., 514 W 25 Street, 6-8pm
Filip Lav, Mark DeLong, SeanMcDonough at Nancy Margolis Gallery, 523 W 25 Street, 6-8pm
YOU Hyeonkyeong "No place to go" at Doosan Gallery, 533 W 25 Street, 6-8pm
"Viewing Room: Joe Roberts" "SMS SOS: Text, Texture, and Gesture"  and "MR. SOFTEE" at Marlborough Gallery (Chelsea),  545 W 25 Street, 6-8pm
Tulio de Sagastizabal "Outer Life"Irene Banchero "Promenade" at Praxis International Art, 541 West 25th St, 6-8pm
Francesca Pasquali "Plastic Resonance" at Leila Heller Gallery, 568 West 25th Street, 6-8pm
Joan Semmel "New Work" at Alexander Gray Associates, 510 W 26 Street, 6-8pm
"NENDO: 50 Manga Chairs" at Friedman Benda Gallery, 515 W 26 Street, 6-8pm
Victor Vasarely "Analog" at Maxwell Davidson, 521 W 26 Street, 6-8pm
 "Red Soil Boys: The Tyranny of Manifest Fairnesses" at BravinLee programs, 526 W 26 Street, 6-8pm
Jackie Gendel at Thomas Erben Gallery, 526 W 26 Street, 6-8:30pm
Sarah Cain "Dark Matter" at Galerie Lelong, 528 W 26 Street, 6-8pm
Xu Zhen at James Cohan Gallery, 533 W 26 Street, 6-8pm
Mark Wagner "I’m Mark Wagner and I Approve This Message" at Pavel Zoubok Gallery, 531 W 26th St, 6-8pm
Ian Davenport "Doubletake" at Paul Kasmin Gallery,  293 Tenth avenue, at W 27 Street, 6-8pm
Jonathan Gardner at Casey Kaplan, 121 W 27 Street, 6-8pm

Victor Burgin "Midwest" at Cristin Tierney Gallery, 540 W 28 Street, 6-8pm
Book Signing: Wayne White "I'M HAVING A DIALOGUE WITH THE UNIVERSE AND YOU'RE JUST SITTING THERE" at Joshua Liner Gallery, 540 W 28 Street, 5-6pm
 "Politics and His Influence" at David Nolan Gallery, 527 W 29 Street, 6-8pm

"The Art of Democracy" curated by Anne Strauss at Fountain House Gallery, 702 Ninth avenue, at 48 Street, 6-8pm
John Beerman "Recent Paintings" at Tibor de Nagy Gallery 724 Fifth avenue, 6-8pm

Photography: Xavier Guardans "Self-Portraits" at Waterhouse and Dodd New York, 960 Madison Avenue,  6-8pm

Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° September 7
SunRise: 06:29(GMT-4) at  82°  | Noon: 12:54 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:18 (GMT-4)  at 278° 
83°low of  72°F;  Sun  & Cloud|| Wind: NE 9 mph
"With the Thickness" at The Lodge Gallery, 131 Chrystie Street, 7-9pm
"La Grande Sortie" at Lehmann Maupin, 201 Chrystie Street, at Stanton Street, 6-8pm "Worm Turns Atmosphere" at Brennan & Griffin, 55 Delancey, 6-8pm
"Low Tech" curated by Katharine Mulherin at MULHERIN,124 Forsyth Street, 6-8pm 
"No Horizon Insight" at LMAKprojects, 298 Grand Street, 6-9pm
"In Search of Asphodels" at Cuevas Tilleard Projects,142 Henry Street, 6-9pm
"WOVEN Presents: REJECT VIOLENCE" at Central Booking, 21 Ludlow Street, 6-8pm
"Back There Behind the Sun" at McKenzie Fine Art, 55 Orchard st, 6-8pm
 "Bird and Flower" at Lesley Heller, 54 Orchard Street, 6-8pm 
"Everywhere All at Once" and "Hold On" at Foley Gallery, 59 Orchard Street, 6-8pm
"The Other Side of Time" curated by Gloria Porcella at Galleria Ca' d' Oro, 529 W 20 Street, 9th floor, 6-10pm
Photography: Alex Webb "La Calle" at Aperture Foundation, 547 W 27 Street, floor 4, 7-8:30pm

Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° July 7
SunRise: 05:32(GMT-4) at 59°  | Noon: 13:01 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 20:29 (GMT-4)  at 301° 
88°feels like 94°F;  Sun  & Cloud|| Wind: SSW 8 mph
"TARANTALLEGRA" curated by Nicoletta Lambertucci at Hester, 55-59 Chrystie Street, Suite 203, 6-9pm
Photography: Oscar Rada "Paved Paradise n Put Up a Parking Lot" and Idan Bitton "a, e, i, o ,u, i love you"  at Warholian Lineage Research Center, 191 Henry Street, 7-10pm
Performance: "Pride Goes Before a Fall / Beware of a Holy Whore / An exhibition in two acts" at Artists Space, 38 Greene Street, 7pmSPLOTCH at Sperone Westwater, 257 Bowery, 6-8pm
Francisco Ugarte "Slideshow" at Cristin Tierney Gallery, 540 W 28 Street, 6-8pm
"A Big Enough Umbrella" at Planthouse, 55 W 28 Street, 6-8pm
Eddie Kang "Big City Life" at Sandra Gering Gallery, 14 E 63 Street, 5-7pm
Pia Camil at Blum & Poe, 19 E 66 Street, 6-8pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° May 19
SunRise: 05:35(GMT-4) at 63°  | Noon: 12:53 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 20:11 (GMT-4)  at 298° 
69°lo54°F;  Sun  & Cloud|| Wind: S 8 mph
Richard Van Buren "Monet's Swamp" at Garth Greenan Gallery, 529 20 Street, 6-8pm
Nicole Eisenman at Anton Kern, 532 W 20 Street, 6-8pm

"Reservoir" at Planthouse, 55 W 28 Street, 6-8pm
"ReVISIONS of the AMERICAN WEST" at The John Molloy Gallery, 49 E 78 Street, 6-8pm   
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° May 10
SunRise: 05:42(GMT-4) at 65°  | Noon: 12:53 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 20:02 (GMT-4)  at 295° 
58°lo50°F;  Cloud|| Wind: WSW 9 mph
 Mark Cohen “Closer” at Danziger Gallery, 95 Rivington Street, 6:30-8:30pm
Performance: David Antonio Cruz "Greenhowiwantyougreen" at Project For Empty Space, 181 Stanton Street, 6-8pm
Johnathan Ball & Simeon Posen "Northern Lights" at Ivy Brown Gallery, 675 Hudson street, floor 4N, 6-8pm
"Sweet Sixteen: The 25th Annual National Arts Club Roundtable Exhibition” at The National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South, 6-8pm
Panel Discussion: Marcia Hafif, Olivier Mosset "In conversation with Howard Singerman" at Hunter College, 695 Park Avenue, 7-9pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° May 6
SunRise: 05:48(GMT-4) at 67°  | Noon: 12:53 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:58 (GMT-4)  at 293° 
53°lo48°F;  Cloud|| Wind: ENE 11 mph
Frieze New York Art Fair, Randall's Island Park, 11-8pm
Richard Serra "NJ-1" at Gagosian, 522 21 Street & "Above Below Betwixt Between, Every Which Way, Silence (For John Cage), Through" at Gagosian, 555 West 24 Street, 6-8pm
Peter Linde Busk "Any Port in a Storm" at Derek Eller Gallery, 615 W 27 Street, 7-9pm
Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins "Do Androids See Electric Paintings?" at Cristin Tierney Gallery, 540 W 28 Street, 6-8pm
Antony Gormley "CONSTRUCT" at Sean Kelly Gallery, 475 Tenth Avenue, 6-8pm

Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° May 5
SunRise: 05:49(GMT-4) at 67°  | Noon: 12:53 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:57 (GMT-4)  at 293° 
61°low 51°F;  Cloud|| Wind: NNE 14 mph
Frieze New York Art Fair, Randall's Island Park, 11-7pm
Tracey Emin "Stone Love" at Lehmann Maupin, 536 W 22 Street, 6-8pm
Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili "Hollow Body" at Andrea Rosen, 525 W 24 Street, 6-8pm
James Turrell "Projections 1967–1968" at Pace Gallery, 32 East 57th Street and 534 W 25 Street, 6-8pm

Richard Tuttle "26" at Pace Gallery, 510 W 25 Street, 6-8pm
Andrea Branzi "Interiors" at Friedman Benda, 515 W 26 Street, 6-8pm
Louisa Matthiasdottir "Icelandic Landscapes" and Hildur Ásgeirsdóttir Jónsson "Woven Works" at Tibor de Nagy Gallery, 724 Fifth Avenue, 6-8pm

Events San Francisco, 37°47′N 122°25′W,  April 28
SunRise: 06:17(GMT-4) at 71°  | Noon: 13:07 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:58 (GMT-4)  at 289° 
66°low 51°F;  Sunny || Wind: WNW 21 mph
Val Britton "Transmissions" and Miguel Angel Rios "A Trilogy", at Gallery Wendi Norris, 161 Jessie Street, 4pm – 8pm
Jessica Dickinson at Altman Siegel Gallery, 49 Geary Street, 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Ai Wei Wei "Overrated"at Haines Gallery, 49 Geary Street, 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Kenneth Josenphon "The Light of Coincidence" at  Robert Koch Gallery, 49 Geary Street, 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Group Exhibition at Anton Kern/Andrew Kreps, 1275 Minnesota Street, 5p-9pm
"Thinking of You" at Bass & Reiner Gallery, 1275 Minnesota Street,  6pm – 9pm
Paul Wackers "Slow Wave" at Eleanor Harwood Gallery, 1275 Minnesota Street, 6-9pm
Laura Owens at CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, 360 Kansas Street, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° April 22
SunRise: 06:08(GMT-4) at 73°  | Noon: 12:55 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:42 (GMT-4)  at 287° 
71°low 57°F;  Sunny || Wind: SSW 11 mph
Morgan O'Hara "LIVE TRANSMISSION THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE TIME / SPACE / MOVEMENT" at Tenri Cultural Institute, 43 W 13 Street, 6-8pm
Haim Steinbach at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, 521 W 21 Street, 6-8pm
Mike Kelley "Shaped Paintings" at Skarstedt Gallery, Ltd, 550 W 21 Street, 6-8pm
Rashaad Newsome "Stop Playing in My Face" at De Buck Gallery, 545 W 23 Street, 6-8pm
Lee Krasner at Robert Miller Gallery, 524 W 26 Street, 6-8pm
Fazal Sheikh "INDEPENDENCE | NAKBA" at Pace/MacGill, 32 E 57 Street, 5:30-7:30pm
David Reed "New Paintings" at Peter Blum, 20 W 57th Street, 6-8pm  
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° April 20
SunRise: 06:09(GMT-4) at 74°  | Noon: 12:55 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:4` (GMT-4)  at 287° 
66°lo47°F;  Sunny || Wind: NNE 8 mph
"Metamorphosis: The Collaboration of Poet Barbara Guest & Artist Fay Lansner", 10 River Terrace, 6-8pm
Fazal Sheikh "Memory Trace" curated by Eduardo Cadava at Storefront for Art and Architecture, 97 Kenmare Street, 7-9pm
The Committee for Interdisciplinary Studies Book Launch:"Victoria Pitts-Taylor's The Brain’s Body: Neuroscience and Corporeal Politics", CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue Rm 1503, 6-7pm
Artist Talk: "Jeff Koons in conversation with Glenn Fuhrman" at Flag Art Foundation, 545 W 25 Street,, 6-8pm
Will Barnet "1950s Works On Paper" at Alexandre Gallery, 724 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor, 5:30-7:30pm
"Fausto Melotti" curated by Douglas Fogle at Hauser & Wirth New York, 32 E 69 Street, 6-8pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° April 14
SunRise: 06:18(GMT-4) at 77°  | Noon: 12:56 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:35 (GMT-4)  at 284° 
61°lo41°F;  Sunny || Wind: NE 8 mph
"Drawing Dialogues: Selections from the Sol LeWitt Collection + Jackie Ferrara: Lines" at the Drawing Center, 35 Wooster Street, 6-8pm
Yukiko Yokoyama “Dream Weaver” at Tenri Cultural Institute, 43 W 13 Street, 6-8pm
Artexpo New York, Pier 94, 711 12th Avenue, 4-7pm
"Tech-né-Color" at Sandra Gering Gallery, 14 E 63 Street, 6-8pm
"Dansaekhwa & Minimalism" at Blum & Poe, 19 E 66 Street, 6-8pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° April 13
SunRise: 06:20(GMT-4) at 77°  | Noon: 12:56 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:34 (GMT-4)  at 283° 
58°lo41°F;  Sunny  || Wind: NE mph
"Artists Space Dialogues: John Knight" at Artists Space : Books & Talks, 55 Walker Street, 7-8pm 
Ed Atkins “Performance Capture”, at The Kitchen, 512 W 19 Street, 6-8pm
"Black and White Perspectives: Works on Paper" at Academy Museum & School, 1083 Fifth Avenue, 6-8pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° April 7
SunRise: 06:29 (GMT-4) at 80°  | Noon: 12:58 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:28 (GMT-4)  at 280° 
58°lo43°F;  Rain, Sun & Clouds || Wind: SW 12mph
Enrico Castellani at Dominique Lévy Gallery, 909 Madison Avenue, 6-8pm 
Brendan Stuart Burns "Flow & Pulse: Paintings, Drawings & Ceramics" at Rosenberg & Co., 19 E 66 Street, 6-8pm
Daniel Turner "110 / 120" at Franklin Parrasch Gallery, 53 E 64 Street, 6-8pm
Paul Feeley "An Artist's Game with Jacks" at Garth Greenan Gallery, 529 20 Street, 6-8pm
Michael Haggiag "Close Encounters" at Galleria Ca' d' Oro, 529 W 20 Street, 6-8pm
Agostino Bonalumi, Alberto Biasi, Bernard Aubertin, Carlo Nangeroni, Mimmo Rotella, Pino Pinelli, Turi Simeti "Rethinking Space: Work from Post-War Italy" at De Buck Gallery, 545 W 23 Street, 6-8pm
Dennis Adams "In The Red and Walking on Wolves" at Kent Fine Art, 210 Eleventh Avenue, 6-8pm 
 Olivia Fraser "The Sacred Garden" at Sundaram Tagore Gallery, 547 W 27 Street, 6-8pm
"Dark Star: Abstraction and Cosmos" curated by Raymond Foye at Planthouse, 55 W 28 Street, 6-9pm
"585,000 m2 - A Mixed Media Exhibition on the History and the Present of the Jewish Quarter of Budapest" at Whitebox Art Center, 329 Broome Street, 6-8pm  
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° March 24
SunRise: 06:52 (GMT-4) at 87°  | Noon: 13:02 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:13 (GMT-4)  at 273° 
60°low 52°F;  Sun & Clouds || Wind: ENE 12mph
Theodore Roszak: Propulsive Transfiguration, A Survey of Drawings from 1928 to 1980, at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, 100 Eleventh Avenue | A Conversation with the artist’s daughter Sara Roszak and Robert Slifkin, 5pm | reception 6-8pm
Bracha L. Ettinger at Callicoon Fine Arts, 49 Delancey Street, 6-8pm
Jason Bailer Losh "Near Positive" & Lam Tung-pang "I was once here" at Klein Sun Gallery, 525 W 22 Street, 6-8pm
Sharon Core "Understory" at Yancey Richardson Gallery, 525 W 22 Street, 6-8pm
"5 x 5 Recent Abstractions" at Edward Thorp Gallery, 210 Eleventh avenue, at w 24 Street, 6-8pm
Shirley Jaffe "Works on Paper" & John Newman "Spoonfuls" at Tibor de Nagy Gallery, 724 Fifth avenue, 6-8pm
Alyssa Monks "Resolution" at Forum Gallery, 730 Fifth avenue, 5:30-7:30pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° March 23
SunRise: 06:54 (GMT-4) at 88°  | Noon: 13:02 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:12 (GMT-4)  at 273° 
69°low 47°F;  Sun & Clouds || Wind: WSW 10mph
Betty Tompkins: "Words on WOMEN" at Flag Foundation, 545 W 25 Street, 6-8pm, participatory performance at 6:45pm
Performance: gardener "Contemporary Art is over?" at Floraissance Vivarium - space for non-contemporary art, 601 W 57 Street, 7-10pm
Panel Discussion: "Remembering Womanhouse", at The National Academy Museum and School, 1083 Fifth Avenue, 6:30-8pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° March 20
SunRise: 06:57 (GMT-4) at 89°  | Noon: 13:03 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:10(GMT-4)  at 272° 
42°lo33°F;  evening snow || Wind: N - mph
Judith Braun "Homeostasis" at McKenzie Fine Art, 55 Orchard Street, 6-8pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° March 17
SunRise: 07:04 (GMT-4) at 91°  | Noon: 13:04 (GMT-4) at 180° | SunSet: 19:05 (GMT-4)  at 270° 
59°lo45°F;  sun  & clouds || Wind: WSW 12 mph
William Wegman "Postcard Paintings at Sperone Westwater,257 Bowery, 6-8pm
Jesse Moretti "FOAME" at Patrick Parrish, 50 Lispenard Street, 6-8pm
Hiroko Otake “Psyche” at Tenri Cultural Institute,  43A W 13 Street, 6-8pm
Malick Sidibe at Jack Shainman Gallery, 513 W 20 Street, 6-8pm
Timothy Wehrle "Elseware" at P.P.O.W., 535 W. 22nd Street, 3, 6-8pm
T. J. Wilcox at Gladstone Gallery, 515 W 24 Street, 6-8pm
Alina Tenser, Gary Stephan at Susan Inglett Gallery, 522 W 24 Street, 6-8pm
Barkley L. Hendricks at Jack Shainman Gallery, 524 W 24 Street, 6-8pm
"Edie Fake", "Viewing Room: David Aron and Andre Razo", Mark Hagen "The Big Hole" at Marlborough Gallery (Chelsea), 545 W 25 Street, 6-8pm

Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° March 11
SunRise: 06:13 (GMT-5) at 94°  | Noon: 12:06 (GMT-5) at 180° | SunSet: 17:59 (GMT-5)  at 266° 
62°lo42°F;  sun  & clouds || Wind: NNW 12 mph
Jay Miriam, Sarah Awad, Sarah Faux, Tatiana Berg "Beyond the Gaze: Women Painting Women" at Garis & Hahn, 263 Bowery, 6-8pm
Christopher Astley "Conglomerations: backfill, slag & scree" at Tracy Williams Ltd, 55 Hester Street, 6-8pm

Performances: Eiko & Others"24 Hour Fukushima Event" at St. Mark’s Church, 131 East 10th Street, A Body in Places: Eiko Solo #10 at 9pm
"BRIDGING REALMS: Contemporary Tibetan Art" at Tibet House Museum/Gallery, 22 W 15 Street, 6-8pm
Performance "Caenis" at Pace Gallery, 534 W 25 Street, 8pm $30
Rob de Oude "Tilts & Pinwheels" at dm contemporary, 39 E. 29th Street, 6-8pm
Finissage: Pietro Finelli "Op 1" and "Earth" at MC Gallery, 549 W. 52 Street, 6-8pm
Photography: Deirdre Allinson "Manhattan: Lines and Perspective" at DITRA GALLERY, 226 E 83 Street, 6-8pm
"Elements in Nature - A Retrospective" at La Galeria, Boricua College,  3755 Broadway, 5:30-7:30pm
Jack Kalish, Lisa Ludwig "What your make of it/ Facade" at ventana244, 244 North 6th Street, 7-9pm
Audra Wolowiec "( )" at Studio10, 56 Bogart Street, 7-9pm
Becky Brown, Cheryl Molnar, Daniel Bejar, Leslie Kerby, Lisa Dahl, Martin McCormack, Sam Holleran, Sonya Blesofsky "Artistic Developments: Artists and the language of real estate" at NARS Foundation, 201 46th Street, floor 4, 6-8pm
Akira Ikezoe, Kanako Nose, Kubota Reina "キモカワ Kimo-Kawa (Ugly-Cute)" at Ground Floor Gallery, 343 5th Street, 6-8pm
"Karmic" at Life on Mars Gallery, 56 Bogart Street, 6-9pm  
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° March10
SunRise: 06:15 (GMT-5) at 94.34°  | Noon: 12:05 (GMT-5) at 180° | SunSet: 17:58 (GMT-5)  at 265.91° 
76°low 57°F;  sun  & clouds || Wind: SW 8 mph
Performance: Aaron Taylor Kuffner at "Louise Despont: Energy Scaffolds and Information Architecture" at The Drawing Center, 35 Wooster Street, 6:30pm
"Expiration Date" at Ricco/Maresca Gallery, 529 W 20 Street,, 6-8pm
Hernan Bas "Bright Young Things" at Lehmann Maupin, 536 W 22 Street, 6-8pm
Jungju An "loop" at Doosan Gallery, 533 W 25 Street, 6-8pm
Nick Brandt "Inherit The Dust" at Edwynn Houk Gallery, 745 Fifth Avenue, 6-8pm
Daido Moriyama, DoDo Jin Ming, Fan Ho, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Jun Morinaga, Kary Ka-che Kwok, Kazuo Sumida, Magdalen Wong, Masahisa Fukase, Min Byung Hun, Miyako Ishiuchi, Reagan Louie, Shomei Tomatsu, Toshio Shibata, Tseng Kwong Chi, Xinhuan News Agency, Yasuhiro Ishimoto, Yasumasa Morimura, Yoko Ikeda, Yoshihiko Ito, Yuji Hamada "Contemporary Photography Asian Perspectives" at Laurence Miller Gallery,  20 W 57 Street, 6-8pm
Hedda Sterne "Machines 1947-1951" at Van Doren Waxter, 23 E 73 Street, 6-8pm

Events Geelong, -38.140522°, 144.357261° February 8
SunRise: 06:44 (GMT+11) at 110° |  Noon: 13:37 (GMT+11)  | SunSet: 20:29 (GMT+11) at 250°
Temperature: High of  72°F low of 57°F;  sun & clouds || Wind: 17 mph
Artist Talk & Performance: Daniela Bertol "Being, Vitruvian", ADPML Gallery, Deakin University, 1 Gheringhap Street, 6pm.
Events Geelong, -38.140522°, 144.357261° January 31
SunRise: 06:33(GMT+11)  |  Noon: 13:36 (GMT+11)  | SunSet: 20:38 (GMT+11) at 247°
Temperature: High of  72°F low of 57°F;  sun & clouds || Wind: 17 mph
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° January 19
SunRise: 07:16 (GMT-5) at 117°  | Noon: 12:07 (GMT-5) at 180° | SunSet: 16:57 (GMT-5)  at 244° 
25°feels like 15°F;  sun  & clouds || Wind: WNW 18 mph
"Now and Then: Drawings from the 19th Century to the Present" at New York Academy of Art (in partnership with Dahesh Museum of Art), 111 Franklin Street, 6-8pm
Talk: Cheryl I. Harris "The Afterlife of Slavery" Artists Space, 55 Walker Street, 7pm
“Normalities” at Austrian Cultural Forum, 11 E 52 Street, 6-9pm
Chris Burden “Buddha’s Fingers” at Gagosian Gallery, 980 Madison Avenue, 6-8pm
Mark Grotjahn “Untitled (Captain America) (2008–09)” at Gagosian Gallery, 980 Madison Avenue, 6-8pm 
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° January 12
SunRise: 07:19 (GMT-5) at 118°  | Noon: 12:04 (GMT-5) at 180° | SunSet: 16:50 (GMT-5)  at 242° 
3°low of 26°F;  ; clouds || Wind: SW 12 mph
William Kentridge "More Sweetly Play the Dance (2015) & Notes Toward a Model Opera (2015)", Marian Goodman,  24 West 57 street,  6-8pm
Marisa Merz, Gladstone Gallery,  130 East 64 Street,  6-8pm

Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° January 7
SunRise: 07:20 (GMT-5) at 119°  | Noon: 12:02 (GMT-5) at 180° | SunSet: 16:44 (GMT-5)  at 241° 
Temperature: High of  44°low of 31°F;  sun & clouds || Wind: NNW 3 mph
Lisa Oppenheim "Gramma" at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, 521 W 21 street, 6-8pm
"Giorgio Griffa: The 1970s", Casey Kaplan Gallery, 121 West 27 Street, 6-8pm
Ilse D'Hollander & Diana Fonseca Quiñones at Sean Kelly, 475 Tenth Avenue, 6-8pm

Janet Biggs "within touching distance" at Cristin Tierney Gallery, 540 W 28 street, 6-8pm
Christer Strӧmholm at Pace/MacGill, 32 East 57 Street, 5:30-7:30pm
Zhu Jinshi at Blum & Poe, 19 E 66 Street, 6-8pm

Izumi Kato, Galerie Perrotin,  909 Madison Avenue, 6-8pm
Martha Tuttle "Metaxu" at Tilton Gallery, 8 East 76 Street, 6-8pm
Events New York, 40.7840° -73.9800° January 2
SunRise: 07:20 (GMT-5) at 120°  | Noon: 12:00 (GMT-5) at 180° | SunSet: 16:40 (GMT-5)  at 240° 
Temperature: High of  40°low of 32°F;  sun & clouds || Wind: WSW 9 mph