Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Frames of Sky from Earth | Stair Trails

The sky observation is one of the main objectives of Sun Farm as a bio-art project. Interventions in the landscape frame the sky and the passage of time is recorded (frozen, tatooed) by the fotographic image. A few images below focusing on time during the night and stair trails ---the images are from a database started in 1998.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday, July 5, 2007

a few initial thoughts...

Culture defines our experience of space beyond its perceptual characteristics.

In the contemporary world, where human interaction revolves around digital technologies and telecommunications, we experience locality and proximity differently from our predecessors. A distinction between local and remote space arises: the traditional space of our perceptions, circumscribed in our cone of vision and confined to our horizon line --once identifying space itself-- now becomes defined as local. Remote space instead is exemplified by a live telecast of the world cup, a long distance phone call, or an Internet chat room. The expansion of space boundaries goes beyond human perception: not only can we see images and communicate with people and places thousands of miles away but we can interact with outer space as well.
The shift of the notion of space from physical and local to whimsical and remote was best expressed by the Pathfinder mission to Mars. Images of the planet were sent to Earth and made publicly available through the Internet. Paradoxically the act of perceiving went beyond our sensorial capabilities.
Nevertheless there are counter effects: the widening of our horizon brought by the artificial extension of the five human senses parallels the deterioration of our relationship with the local environment. Ecological concerns become a buzzword used by the same agents of major pollutions and respects for the environment. In this increasing loss of contact with the physical world permanent signs of human presence in the physical environment becomes increasingly meaningful.
Finding awareness of where we are in space and time, and our sense of being part of a system, establishes our axis mundi. Finding intersection of many axes mundi creates places....

Monday, March 12, 2007

camminando | Perceptions of Venezia

 My train arrival at Venezia Santa Lucia was greeted by a rainbow: the venetian magic began...

Strolling, after il convegno "Cultura e Matematica"

 A soap bubble party to conclude il convegno, as soap bubble are of great mathematical significance, aka surface tension...

The cypresses of Isola di San Michele, Venice cemetery

Viewing the sun setting, from the Lido

 El Caga Libri, Campo San Maurizio

Sunday, March 11, 2007

camminando | Venezia: Conte Sconta Detta Arcana

I finally explored "Corte Sconta detta Arcana" the imaginary name (of a real place) from Hugo Pratt's character Corto Maltese. The real place is Corte Botera, located in sestiere  Castello.
Quite fascinating place, with a well, a porta alchemica and misterious view of the canal...

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Events | Venezia, Matematica e Cultura

Il convegno "Matematica e Cultura 2007" si svolge a Venezia in date 9 - 11 marzo 2007, all' Auditorium Santa Margherita, Università Ca' Foscari.
La mia presentazione e' intitolata: "Architettura e Cosmologia: Percezioni del Cielo sulla Terra".