Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Point Lobos | The Sound of Surrender

In the California State Park web site Point Lobos is described as "The greatest meeting of land and water in the world" quoting the artist Francis McComa.
The description is very appropriate for this place. I experience overwhelming smells and sights in one of the most blessed places on this planet, where eucaliptus and pine trees frames dramatic views of cliffs diving in the healing waters of the mighty Pacific. I am surrounded by the sound of crashing waves and pellicans while the barking of seals suddenly arise. The sun is setting, with the blinding reflection of its light. I have no other place to go, nothing else to see or hear while I slowly surrender to the ocean...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

winter solstice 2008

winter solstice sunset at Sun Farm

the winter solstice (from latin sol stitium, sun stand)
is the moment when the sun in its apparent path
reaches its southermost point in the northern sky
before reversing its course
in the northern hemisphere the winter solstice brings
the shortest day and the longest night
sunday december 21

celebrate the solstice sunset with a meditation on peace
followed by an eye-open meditation
gazing at the setting of the sun in the transition from light to darkness
in the longest night of the year