Friday, October 22, 2010

Exhibitions NYC | Scattered Light @ Madison Square Park Park

The Madison Square Park Conservancy Art program presents three new site-specific commissions by engineer / new media artist Jim Campbell.
Scattered Light, will be on view from October 21, 2010 through February 28, 2011 in the historic Madison Square Park.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vernissages | NYC, Chelsea October 15

Another exhibition ---this time small in size, but still important--- reminding us of art before the market took over (for how much longer)...

“To John J. O’Connor from Nam June Paik” includes a selection of the letters, drawings, postcards, holiday greetings, and annotated books and articles sent by the video artist to the television critic.

The exhibition comprises also O’Connor’s writing on Paik as well as an example of Paik’s work that was broadcast on television, and is an interesting record of the relationship between the artist and critic.

The exhibit was organized by Seymour Barofsky, a former editor (Schocken Books, Random House, etc.) and teacher.

For more information, please contact Edward Winkleman at 212.643.3152 or

Winkleman Gallery gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Electronics Art Intermix (EAI) in making this exhibition possible.

To John J. O’Connor from Nam June Paik

Curatorial Research Lab @ Winkleman Gallery
621 West 27th Street, 212.643.3152
October 15 - November 13, 2010
Opening: Friday, October 15, 6 - 8 PM

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Exhibitions NYC | Becoming Nostalgic of the Sixties and Seventies: Art and Meaning

The exhibitions I enjoyed ---and found most meaningful--- in this vibrant Fall art season in New York are all related to art practices mainly from the sixties and seventies, including conceptualism, minimalism and land art. Is it by coincidence?

Nancy Holt: Sightlines
The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery at Columbia University presents Nancy Holt: Sightlines, a thematic exhibition of the artist's work at the intersection of land art, architecture, photography and video, focusing on interventions on the landscape and its perceptions.

Dan Flavin @ Paula Cooper
An exhibition of four early Dan Flavin works, produced between 1964 and 1975, including a “corridor” piece of pink and yellow lights.

Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Sol LeWitt, Richard Long and Mario Merz @ Barbara Gladstone

Section Cinéma,Marcel Broodthaers @ MarianGoodman
Section Cinéma, 1972, includes the seventh section of Broodthaers’ celebrated museum, Musée d’Art Moderne, Département des Aigles, founded in 1968 with the “Section XIXème siècle” in Brussels and other sections realized in Brussels, Antwerp, Zeeland, Le Coq, Düsseldorf and Kassel during a four year period from 1968 to 1972.

Artists at MaxKansas City 1965-1974: Hetero-Holics and Some Women Too @ Loretta Howard Gallery

Poems | "Iceland" by Gavin Keeney

All one day dream of Iceland,
"Instant cold compress"
For what ails you,
For the excesses of
Neo-liberal capitalism.

Homeland of geo-thermal wonders,
Of lost races and dashed hopes,
Did Britain extract
Endless futures in exchange
For repatriating their guilt?

Iceland, home of sonic warriors,
Screwed by multinational capital,
Hard turn Left after hard times,
Sanctuary for Julian Assange
And all who might aspire to conspire.

Land of miracles and dissembling truths,
Land not of ice but eternal springs,
Land of possibilities and brightening airs,
Amid the wreckage of the new imperialism,
The farcical games of clutching naifs.

Iceland (not Greenland) pleases,
Hanging there is marking time,
In the light wonders of endless light,
Offset by the unspeakable night,
Beset by woes wholly unnecessary.

Benighted land of landscapes shorn
By glaciers, warriors, missionaries,
And the new gladiators, lance in hand,
Denuded land of perspicacity.

Mythical land of tarnished dreams,
Fouled by smelly finance capital,
Bedecked in giant-headed fishes,
And which rots first, after all,
From the head down?

Iceland, midway between here and there,
I will visit you soon,
To idle in that idleness of
Hastening slowly,
Never to spoil your secret.

Iceland, land of Cyclopean bankers,
Of middling managers and untimely volcanoes,
Of barren streaks of absolute beauty,
I’ll trade this poem
For dual citizenship.

GK (08/02/10)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Exhibitions NYC | The Last Newspaper @ the New Museum

The New Museum presents “The Last Newspaper,” co-curated by Richard Flood and Benjamin Godsill. The exhibition presents different ways artists approach the news and respond to the stories and images from the headlines of newspapers around the world.
For visitors, “The Last Newspaper” is intended to be "a unique site of dialogue, participation, and critical thinking, posing new possibilities for a contemporary art museum experience."

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vernissages NYC | Dieter Roth at Hauser & Wirth

About art process and product: Dieter Roth, Björn Roth's Work Tables & Tischmatten

Camminando | NYC, Lower East Side, Video Graffiti

A project very close to my heart has just started: the screening of "Frames of Sky from Earth" in the White Rabbit Lounge, in the LES.
I feel very strongly about bringing video art outside the white box of the gallery or the collector's living room. Any place where people gather gives the opportunity for screening, allowing the occasional passerby to engage in an art experience in a space with functions different from art perceptions.
Ideally the place for video art should be building facades. Large in scale and available to everybody, similar to graffiti art, but with ephemeral quality, without a permanent sign on the building. I called it "video graffiti".

To be continued...