why axes mundi?

"axes" is the plural of the latin "axis"

I used “axes” instead of “axis” because "axes" is more appropriate for the plurality of the concept, beyond "antropocentric". The axis mundi is not a unique concept in my usage of the term: the axis mundis is the ritualization of the link between the perceiving self and the perceived universe, which makes a place sacred. It can be unique for each perceiving self at that time of that perception and ritualization. For instance the axis mundi for sun farm (my sacred place) is the center of East Spiral, which is marked with an orange buoy ---orange is the complementary color to the ideal blu of the water.

Mircea Eliade's The Sacred and the Profane deals extensively with axis mundi:
The cry of the Kwakiutl neophyte "I am the center of the world!" at once reveals one of the deepest meanings of sacred space. Where the break-through from plane to plane has been modified by a hierophany, there too an opening has been made, either upward (the divine world) or downward (the underworld, the world of the dead). The three cosmic levels ---earth, heaven, underworld--- have been put in communication. As we just saw this communication is sometimes expressed through the image of a universal pillar, axis mundi, which at once connects and supports heaven and earth...