Saturday, October 15, 2016

"Making Moves" at Rome Maker Faire

Rome hosts the European edition of Maker Faire. It is the fourth year that the city celebrates the art and science of making, always on a different site to accommodate the exponentially growing number of visitors. The site of the 2016 edition is the Fiera di Roma, the new fourteen pavilions exhibition ground near the airport Leonardo da Vinci in Fiumicino, which open to the public in 2006. 110,000 visitors attended the Rome edition during the three days of the Faire, October 14-16.
It has been my first participation to the Rome Maker Faire, where I presented Making Moves the exhibition/performance shown at the New York Maker Faire two weeks earlier. it was quite a discovery to learn how welcomed the event is by the city: creativity and innovation are present in almost any stand, celebrated. 
Middle and high school student en masse came to visit the exhibition on October 14. It was hectic and chaotic. After the students left the Maker Faire opened to the public, with exhibitions, performances, demonstrations and presentations.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Performances & Exhibitions | Eiko & "The Christa Project: Manifesting Divine Bodies"

Eiko's performance took place yesterday at Cathedral of Saint John the Divine. Eiko, artist in residence at the Cathedral also presented photographs from  a"A Body in Fukushima", a collaborative work with historian and photographer William Johnston. The photography exhibition is part of "The Christa Project: Manifesting Divine Bodies", which featuring works by feminist artists.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

"Making Moves" at New York Maker Faire 2016

Initially the 'Movement Infrastructure' has been placed outdoor the Great Hall of the Queens Hall of Science. It was quite chilly to perform. The icosahedron was sitting on a face inspiring different geometric movements. The hexagonal pavement and the building skin pattern were also defining a geometric of movement configurations.

New York Maker Faire day 1: outdoor the Great Hall of the New York Hall of Science
New York Maker Faire 2016: indoor