Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A Journal of Resistance During COVID-19 | Earth Day

Today marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The celebration started on April 22 1970 in the US: 20 millions Americans became involved and started the path which led to important reforms. such as the Clean Air Act (1970), followed by the Clean Water Act in 1972. Twenty years later Earth Day became international. mobilizing 200 million people from around the globe.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

A Journal of Resistance During COVID-19 | Another Week...

Another week passed. I am still healthy and serene despite the various harassments, but the past week has been extremely challenging.  In extreme circumstances like those we are currently living with the paradigm shift brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, people should be more focused on positive human values instead of greed and hatred. Such loss of human life, happening so fast and unexpectedly, should teach how vulnerable we are and that we should live compassionately, valuing constructive endeavors in respect of ourselves, the others and the environment.
       Instead I am still dealing with the greed from my ex-husband. He dragged me for several years in a brutal corrupt divorce litigation, ruled by a former judge and where I did not have proper legal representation, My divorce story is not unique; I am joined by over a thousand other people who had to suffer tremendous injustice, as you can read in this petition.  Even during COVID-19 is still taking advantage of me, not only financially but also destroying my artwork at Sun Farm

Sun Farm
    Another challenge in the past month of "stay home" has been the daily exposure to the inconsiderate and rude behavior of the neighbors from the apartment upstairs. Completely disrespectful of the extenuating circumstances they violate my right to quiet in my home, with annoying noises. Luckily I can still resort to my movement practice in my inner sanctum, the icosahedron.
The Icosahedron, my Inner Sanctum

Monday, April 13, 2020

A Journal of Resistance During COVID-19 | Easter Monday (of the Angel)

Today is Easter Monday, also known in Catholic tradition as Monday of the Angel. I wake-up with a WhatsApp message from Italy, citing a prayer:
Che Dio ci dia la forza di non arrenderci mai e la serenità di cui tutti abbiamo bisogno.
There could not have been a better motivational quote to start my day in these trouble times.

A Journal of Resilience During COVID-19 | My Easter Celebration

Saturday, April 11, 2020

11.04.2020 | A Journal of Resilience in COVID19: Spring Is Still Here

Spring day in Riverside Park, Saturday April 11
The pandemic continues; as of today the US has the highest number of confirmed cases (over 532940 at time of writing, Saturday night April 11) with deaths surpassing 20,000. The NY Times today published an article titled "He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump’s Failure on the Virus."

Ironically, Easter will be tomorrow: it is my favorite holiday, the celebration of spring and rebirth of nature. In New York nature still celebrates spring. Today I have been walking over 4 miles throughout Riverside Park and Central Park. alway keeping social distancing while practicing social awareness.

I am still dealing with unsettling personal issues, as PTSD related to a brutal divorce, recovering from domestic abuse. Yet I am grateful for being healthy, so far, while still enjoying life.

The US Navy Hospital ship Comfort docked by Pier 90, ready to receive COVID19 patients
An almost deserted Times Square, Tuesday April 7

Spring day in Riverside Park, Saturday April 11

Tents from a field hospital in Central Park, Fifth Avenue,  and 96 Street, across from Mt. Sinai.
Few hundreds feet east of the field hospital, a majestic sunset from the Central Park Reservoir

Monday, April 6, 2020

04.04.2020 | A Journal of Resilience: Spatial Awareness

These days the perception of time is distorted; weeks pass by without almost noticing, any day seems to blur into the next. It has been almost four weeks since the ordinance of closure of bars, restaurant and other non-essential businesses, on March 15.
I am working on personal spatial constructs either in my living space or on places generated by my own moving body.

I walk through city whenever I can; social distancing does not bother me, actually makes me feel comfortable as spatial awareness. Unfortunately there are still a lot of arrogant people, disregarding any measure and invading others' moving space. What's new?

I practice "Finding the Axis Mundi" in my home/studio daily. Every day I explore something different in the geometry of the icosahedron.
West End Avenue: no cars at 1pm
Spring is here: Riverside Park
New Yorkers are supposed to wear mask while outdoor: wooden bears in Columbus Avenue
It's 7pm and in NYC we clap to celebrate the essential workers
keeping the city functioning in this dire times.
A view from my window.

My daily movement practice in the icosahedron as spatial awareness