What do we think about when we think about poetry? Or do we rarely enter that realm!  Perhaps we remain only on its fringes. In the past, we may have had dealings with poetic elements but chances are that in the present, we are probably caught napping. 
      To stay awake, then, make practical use of poetry.  Apply it as a salve, sample it as a perfume, adopt it at a moment’s notice when that moment needs to be examined, recalled, or intensified.
      Enter a poem hungrily.  Once the skin of the fruit is pierced and the seeds found, the core is near, revealing more than what was bargained for.
      Fully awake, make practical use of the poet who is your transducer, escorting you to an unexpected place, taking you deeper in, inviting you to come freely, without trappings. All this through the language of poetry. Your transducer has converted the energy of heightened awareness into the form of a signal.
      Be always in the company of poetry.  Do not be without your protection.

                                                                Irene Mitchell

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