Monday, April 30, 2018

Exhibitions | "Decimal Point" at Sperone Westwater

So far Jitish Kallat’s Decimal Point is one of the most compelling exhibition of 2018 in New York. The Indian artist's exhibition, with monumental works of different media displayed in the three floors of the Sperone Westwater gallery, revolves around "ideas of time, sustenance, sleep, vision and perception along with a compelling interplay of scales and proximities, and evocations of the celestial and the cosmological."   
    Cosmological and mathematical principles are represented through metaphors using simple material, reminiscent of arte povera. This is most evident in The Eternal Gradient a single-channel video representing annual lunar almanac through 365 rotis breads, which  morph depicting the waxing and waning views of the moon.
   The interplay between macroscopic and microscopic contonues in series Sightings comprises lenticular photos based on double images of a fruit—a plum, a banana, a fig. Ambiguous perceptions  switch elusive views of simple elements aternatic with a cosmic imaginary world of galaxies and stars.