Wednesday, March 15, 2017

camminando | New York Snowstorm, March 14

It was not the major blizzard anticipated by the weather report. Yet Central Park returns to its majestic white ocean 'look'.
Today has been bitterly cold, temperature went down to 22° degrees Fahrenheit, equivalent to -5° Celsius.

Monday, March 6, 2017

camminando | Snapshots from Beijing: From the Airport, and Evening in Dongcheng District, March 2

My first visual memories, from the arrival at T3 to my way to Dongcheng District.

Airport, Terminal 3

Skylines merging old and new. at any scale: nn the way to Dongcheng District from the Airport

The world is a global place: familiar views from Wangfujing Street

Fried scorpion as a "snack"?

Outside the Forbidden City

Wangfujing Street by night

More Dongcheng District night views