Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Eppure il Sole Sorge Ancora

It has been a difficult night, but the beauty of the sun rising over the water still holds healing properties and worth the adventuring in the darkness to catch the first morning bus at 6:45.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Movement | Vitruvian Yoga

I started using the rigorous geometric definition of the human body used by Leonardo da Vinci in the Vitruvian Man to explore different ways to inscribe human movements in dynamic geometric forms. 
Youtube Video

Monday, May 20, 2013

camminando | Melbourne, Fitzroy

My meanderings in Fitzroy reminded me of East Village in New York ...with a Victorian twist

Brunswick Street diverse building types 

Gertrude Street

Fairs | New York, ICFF

International Contemporary Furniture Fair

New York City, Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

A yearly gathering of some of the world's best furniture makers - large and small - from austere to overtly decorative. Here are a few scenes from the last four days.

Screens of cut-out material using CAD/CAM process (computer aided design / computer aided manufacturing)

Among all the examples of new technology, there was also this African man methodically weaving fabric into wonderful tapestries and carpets.

An example of his work.

Just ten meters from the African weaver was this CAD/CAM machine, carving out sculptures of wood from a computer design.

A table base produced by the CAD/CAM machine.

And lights were everywhere - often made of folded origami-type forms.


camminando | Melbourne: Buddha Day in Federation Square

Sunday, May 19, 2013

camminando | Melbourne, Carlton

 Melbourne Museum

 The Convent of Mercy and Academy of Mary Immaculate (1857-87), Nicholson at Palmer Street

 Royal Exhibition Building, Joseph Reed (1880): eclectic revivals, Neo Renaissance and Neo Romanesque

Walk Length: 6km

camminando | Melbourne: Architectural Revivals

 Saint Paul's Cathedral (1880-1892) designed by William Butterfield, English Gothic Revival

 Flinder Street Station, Fawcett and Ashworth (1899-1910) eclectic Neo-Classical

 Art Deco and Neo-Classicism in Bourke Street at Spring Street intersection 

 Old Treasury Building, J. J. Clark (1858-62) Neo-classicism

 Parliament House, Peter Kerr and J. G. Knight (1955): Roman Revival

 Saint Patrick's Cathedral (1858-97) William Wardell: Gothic Revival