Thursday, May 12, 2016

performance | Robert Wilson's "Here Elsewhere"

Here Elsewhere, an installation designed and directed by Robert Wilson for Hermès was presented in conjunction with a performance at the Cedar Lake Theater in Chelsea. The event is defined in the Hermès catalog as "a poetic conversation between objects which leaves memories of wonder and a sense of shared beauty in the imagination".

The installation is presented in the room preceding the performance space. Although the two spaces are physically separated conceptual links can be easily found, framed by the opposites of stillness and movement. In both spaces performers are integrated with the audience and objects of the Hermès home collection, but while in the installation room the performers are still surrounded by a moving audience, the performance space is dominated by movement, witnessed by a still audience. In the installation room human and animal bodies—real and simulated— and objects merge seamless surrounded by Michael Galasso's music. Wilson, le magicien de la lumière, creates a performance space where the performers mix with audience filtered by screen diffusing soft light.

The space of performance room is defined  by three performing movements inscribe in a circular space and motion, expanding outwardly from the performer to the surrounding space, surrounded by the hypnotic sound of Philip Glass' score. The performer moves on a platform, which is located at the center of the room and rotating counterclockwise; the room is enclosed by a circular screen, where video images slowly rotating in a clockwise direction.

A memorable installation/performance, although the rigor of "Einstein on the Beach" is lost in the glossiness of the Hermès ambience. Yet, beautiful and engaging.

Fairs | Frieze New York at Randall's Island

Randall's hosted the 2016 New York edition of the London born international art fair for the third time.