Sunday, February 8, 2009

My week in review: of "legalized" ....: accountants, web hosting providers, real estate taxes

The past monday I had in the weekly task agenda the following:
1. DVD: add a menu to the dvd and film the commentary
2. Finish graphic design of cover and layout for Irene's poetry book
3. Prepare proposal for the "Cosmology of the Divine Commedy"
4. Prepare portfolio of work to be submitted to the AIA RFP
5. Web design for Axes Mundi Press web site an
6. Change web host and transfer domain names and files.
7. Add posts to this blog on several recent exhibitions of minimalist art in NYC

It was a quite dense agenda, but not overwhelming. Of all the listed task I was only to accomplish no. 5 and part of 6. All my time of a 10-hour working day (including weekends) has been spent dealing with dishonesty and disfunctionality, laziness. See upcoming posts for details.

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