Friday, June 5, 2009

LA BIENNALE di VENEZIA 53rd International Art Exhibition: Making Worlds | The Facts


Fare Mondi // Making Worlds the 53rd International Art Exhibition will open to the public on June 7 2009. The exhibition will open in the traditional venues, the Giardini and the Arsenale, as well as in various other locations around the city. This year Biennale holds record numbers: over 90 artists from all over the world in 77 national participations and 44 Collateral Events. The exhibition venues include 50,000 square meter at the Giardini and 38,000 square meter at the Arsenale, with several additional sites in the city of Venice and surrounding islands.
La Biennale di Venezia is 114 year old: The first exhibition opened on April 30 1895 with the title "Pro Arte" in the Palazzo dell'Esposizione in Giardini di Castello, at the presence of the Italian king and queen; the first exhibition counted over 200,000 visitors.
The 2009 Biennale visual art exhibition director is Daniel Birnbaum

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Palazzo delle Esposizioni ai Giardini, formerly called "Padigione Italia"

Photographs and text are excerpts from the conceptual multimedia project
“Axes Mundi: Perceptions and Understanding of Places as Intersections of Space, Time and Culture”