Saturday, September 12, 2009

Vernissages | September 10, NYC

Second "Grand" (?!?) opening day of the fall 2009 art season in NYC... A long list of vernissages, it will be difficult to follow up with all of them. My taxonomy mania would lead to genre, but my time/transportation limitations leads me to a more realistic geography proximity based tour.

I start with Soho, with Allan Wexler's display of archi/design conceptual chairs:

Allan Wexler at Ronald Feldman

I move to Chelsea, wonder through the 529 West 20th, not so exciting to me, quite traditional and expected work. PW at W22, Maya Lyn's landscape interests me, but when I arrive the pusher at the door does not let me in, too late. Usual story in NYC, too much, too little time, hard to choose and prioritize...
I continue to Marlborough, at W25 St, hosting Will Ryman's A New Beginning : meagsculptures of flowers from 2' to 7'. The sculptures are hand made (by the artist himself) of steel, epoxy, aluminum, plaster and paint, and grouped in clusters of three at the base. Sculptures of urban waste ---cigarettes, beer cans, paper cups--- are combined with the flowers. Ryman chose to reproduce roses as  the rose is, in the artist's words "the most recognizable flower and most symbolic across the world"

Will Ryman's at Marlborough

More hyperreality from "nature" at One Doosan, with deer, branches and twigs by Myeongbeom Kim,

Getting tired and moving uptown, a final glance to the overcrowded W26th Street:

My final impression / question of the day: "What's art got to do it?"