Sunday, April 11, 2010

Events | Rome, Dell'Amore del Danno: Power of Words

Violence against children and violence against women.
If we are fortunate of not experiencing it personally we read about it in the news. But the words and images telling us about these very sad and sometimes horrifying relationships are usually desperate and depressing. In Maria Inversi's books "Corri Amore Corri" and "Io e l'altra" the stories about abused women and children have a chatartic ending, where creativity and imagination become survival means for the victims. Very moving and powerful stories told with a firm, clear still serene tone, with some flashes of hope: the power of language...
On April 9 Palazzo Valentini in Roma hosted readings of stories from the two books and ended with a commentary by Maria Grazia Passuello, director of Solidea a support center for victims of domestic violence.