Thursday, August 5, 2010

camminando | Wind, Water and Sun in Gaspesie

Gaspesie offers to the visitors not only natural beauty of the landscape but also invite to reflect of how nature and mankind can collaborate to produce sustainable renewable energy.
The wind farm of Éole Cap-Chat harmoniously situated in agricultural land also features the highest vertical-axis turbine in the world; quoting the wind farm web site:

"Wind energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy in existence. Because it replaces other sources of energy, it contributes in an extraordinary way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Le Nordais is able to eliminate 250 000 of CO2 annually. Furthermore, wind energy is simple to exploit and its production costs are constantly dropping. So many advantages encourage more and more countries to choose wind energy to the detriment of polluting sources of energy.

The energy produced is sold to Hydro-Quebec, a government corporation, according to a 25-year contract. The energy transferred from the windmill park to the public electricity network can supply the equivalent of 10 000 Quebec residences with electricity. In a temperate climate, Le Nordais could satisfy the energy needs of nearly 50 000 homes."

A lesson to be learned across the border!