Sunday, December 12, 2010

Exhibitions NYC | Robert Wilson: Perchance to Dream

Another important art installation concludes the 2010 fall series of exhibitions ---devoted to time and space in art. Perchance to Dream, by the playwright, director and artist Robert Wilson, includes a series of video portraits of Italian ballet dancer Roberto Bolle.
Iconic details of face and feet ---one part of the body most important for dance--- are subject for a series of video meditations, which draw the viewer in an almost hypnotic state.
The installation presents the vocabulary and sequencing typical of Wilson work, based on "designed" perceptions of time in an almost imperceptible transformations of images, with extremely slow alteration of backgrounds and foregrounds.

The exhibition–a project produced by Change Performing Arts–will be on view to the public at Center 548 from November 30th through December 18th, 2011.