Monday, February 21, 2011

Camminando | Sun Farm: Coyotes, while Snow Becomes Ice

A quite memorable weekend.
For several reasons --- the initial financial crunch turned into environmental concern and enjoyment of the beauty of wilderness combined with the cardiovascular fitness in the hike in the snow--- we did not have the driveway plowed throughout this very snowy winter season.
And a 800 feet long hike in deep snow has been the "walking meditation" of the most recent weekends.
But last night the hike became almost an adventure: the snow changed into ice made the walk extremely slow. While the day was turning into darkness and there were still several hundred feet to go in the single digit temperature, I started hearing the howling sound of coyotes. Finally the house appeared and the adventure ended.
Unfortunately I was not prompt enough to record the frightening sound ---in spite of my video camera and phone--- before it disappeared in the moonless night.

It was a very similar sound to what you hear now, courtesy of