Friday, November 11, 2011

Rome and Contemporary Art | Luigi Di Sarro

Yesterday I became familiar with the work of Luigi Di Sarro, an important artist tragically deceased in 1979. Di Sarro’s oeuvre was at the intersection between art and science. The artist was also a practicing medical doctor and surgeon and one of his latest investigations was anatomy as interpreted in art. The work goes across many disciplines, methodologies and media, often transforming two-dimensional materials such as metallic mesh into sculptural morphologies. I was very intrigued by his early geometric explorations, where formal geometries transcend into organic forms often resembling biological processes. His work also embraced many different media: photography, drawings, sculpture, site specific installations and performance. I was extremely impressed about his innovative approach, although developed several decades ago, still contemporary and fresh.
Very inspiring work: to learn more visit Centro Luigi Di Sarro