Friday, November 15, 2013

Thoughts | Good Days, Bad Days: Finding the Core

My PhD journey continues, after an important decision taken a couple days. Yet, every morning, a few minutes after I woke up, usually in a peaceful state, the fear of what the days will bring arise; it has been an emotional roller coaster with many lows and very few —if any— highs.
Metaphors have been provided an interpretative framework throughout this journey and am actually realizing that the all the PhD related experience itself can be considered a metaphor of a journey in life.
"Engage your core" is usually heard several times throughout a Pilates class, and that I was telling myself during my painful walk to the shuttle bus. As I have to modify my walking gait to compensate for avoidance of pain in the left lower limb, I am trying to compensate and find any walking posture which can relieve the pain. The core engagement helps at least to keep a mindful posture. And the metaphor of the "existential core" to actively engage provides motivation and inspiration.

My current working position, at the doctor's suggestion:
the leg has to be kept elevated on the desk to help with the ankle swelling,
with an ice gel pack wrapped around with a towel.
It is no comfortable and I am not sure if it really helps, but provides a good hamstring stretch.
I am also trying to engage the foot flexed upward from the ankle, and spreading the toes as in several yoga postures.