Tuesday, October 14, 2014

practice | Moving inside the Icosahedron in Sun Farm, at Noon

Last Sunday my movement practice inside the icosahedron —which has been recently installed at Sun Farm— was coincident with sun crossing the meridian. The geometry of the three anatomical planes inscribing the vertices of the icosahedron was in turn framed by the cubic structure of the trellis. The sharp shadows of the icosahedron and trellis created a strong geometry on the ground. My moving body had clear geometric references in both the icosahedron, the interventions in the landscape and the sunlight. The movement sequence included Laban scales as well as yoga poses flows. Below are sequential frames from video of the movement routines which have been referencing to the geometric context.
The cycle begins in tadasana
Extensions in the three anatomical planes following Laban's scales.

Hands in namaste marks transitions from sequences

Rotation of arm and opposite legs with centers in the vertices defining the frontal plane

Transition to a yoga sequence including:
tadasana, uttanasana (standing forward bend), chaturanga, sirsasana variations 
The cycle ends in tadasana