Tuesday, April 28, 2015

camminando & vernissages | "It's been a hard day's" Spring Evening

"It's been a hard day's" evening and I have been tired and upset.
     My usual dealing with my still legal spouse non-sense and irrational behavior, this morning has been aggravated by hearing of the appointment of new chief architect at New York City Transit (NYCT), Such appointment is related to of this NY State agency's corruption and nepotism, which I have been a victim myself in 2004.
      Focusing on the PhD work helped, yet a sense of frustration about my domestic situation coupled with the NYCT unhappy memories of discrimination, almost took over. But, as usual walking provided healing.
      My destination was the exhibition of paintings by the Hungarian Simon Hantaï (1922 – 2008) at Mnuchin Gallery, in the Upper West Side, The exhibition, titled "Simon Hantaï | Pliage: The First Decade", included paintings from the 1960s, created using pliage, (“folding”) technique. It was quite uncanny that the artist was Hungarian-born but Paris-based, similarly to Rufolf Laban, to whom I am devoting good part of my days while working on the PhD literature review.
     I found solace in the end of the afternoon sunlight, making the city skyline reflections nostalgic and comforting. The park was majestic and calming, so were the paintings.
    Art and nature...Spring is here, at last!

Midtown skyline from Oak Bridge
Crossing Central Park, on my way to the Upper East Side

"Simon Hantaï | Pliage: The First Decade" at Mnuchin Gallery
A waxing moon behind Belvedere castle
Total walk length: 4.5 km