Sunday, May 10, 2015

Thoughts | Celebrating By Not Celebration

"Family" holidays have always been difficult for me, at least since when I moved to the US, as an immigrant without community and unwelcomed by my husband's family. But in the past year holidays have been particularly challenging, when my still legal spouse left me with our daughter after over two decades. I don't miss him considering the almost constant emotional, verbal and mental abuse I was subjected too. Neither I miss his elitist, privileged and uncompassionate family. But his departure brought to the surface two decades of pain, anger and neglect.
Mother's day unfortunately does not escape from this pain and while my thoughts are for my ill mother, Gabriella, and still dealing with my husband's mental cruelty and effort to separate me from my daughter Zoe even in this day.
I would like to share a few thoughts inspired by my effort to live through this difficult day, which I am sure I am not the only to experience in emotional pain —although all the cheerful materialistic celebrations. 
There is no need for flowers or chocolate: a peace of mind and kindness are the most valuable gifts. 
Take time for a quiet prayer or meditation, a simple dance movement, or listening to your favorite music. Or a walking meditation.
Escape the pressure of this day by reminding yourself of your beauty as a woman, daughter, mother.
Celebrate yourself.