Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Events | A Dark Thanksgiving

It is again that time of the year. It starts from the last Thursday of November when the US celebrates Thanksgiving which marks the apotheosis of consumerist culture, culminating in Christmas, now known as holiday season, when the festival of lights turns into the shopping malls pseudocomforting bright cheap hallways.
Somehow my personal situation is a mirror of the socio-political context: darkness and anxiety lead to the fear of losing control of basic rights. My divorce is horrific, constellated by encounters with human nature at its lowest, dominated by greed, narcissism, deception,mental cruelty: my husband, his family and their money. They have been so powerful to even buy my daughters. 

Uncannily even the usually cheerful balloons from the Macy's Thanksgiving parade have a gloomy. dark appearance. Signs of the times?

However there a few things I can be thankful for: a relative good health, resilience, and the means of reinventing my life. finding new friends and meaningful relationships. Perhaps it is just the darkness of the night to give the balloons a gloomy appearance and tomorrow sunlight will cherish the usual yearly extravaganza.