Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thoughts | 2017 Year Resolution and First Snowstorm in NYC

Uncannily the first snowstorm of 2017 in New York coincides with the first storm of the year in my family life. Uncanny is the adjective which best describes how my personal life events are situated within a general social context. Or perhaps such link is not really uncanny but that be explained in a very fast two-way ripple effect from the private to the public or the personal to the political realm.
    For over two years I have  thrown in the dystopian world of divorce : greed driven strangers dig their claws into the most personal life of confused individuals. There is no regulation to such display of human cruelty and greed: vultures wearing suits do not respect grief or intimate relationships. I am referring to divorce attorneys, one of the worst examples of human nature I have ever encountered.
    The past few years' year resolution have failed, due to struggling with pressure from life events independent from my control. This year I have decided of not making any new year resolution. The acceptance of what I can control and recognition of what I cannot will be driven my resilience plan for the upcoming year.

The first snowstorm of 2017, from Central Park