Sunday, February 19, 2017

Displacements | New York - Beijing - Geelong

Perhaps going down under will bring balance to my unsettled life of the past two years—similarly to the headstand practice which brings me to centering switching perceptions to an upside-down view. This was my recurrent thought while leaving the Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. 
So far, in spite of the 48 hours of door to door travel from my home in New York to  including transfers between subway, flights, layover in the Beijing airport, bus and taxis, my artwork and myself made it safely to my usual 'monastic' accommodation at the Kitchener house of the Geelong Hospital, I am exhausted (no sleep during the flights) but calm and feel that here I can find  peace of mind to work.
Leaving NYC, JFK T1
Beijing Airport

Sunset from Eastern Beach, Geelong
A palm tree shadow at noon, Geelong Waterfront, February 19