Monday, May 8, 2017

workshop, performance, exhibition | Eiko "A Body in Places: Queens Edition "at Topaz Arts

Eiko's perfomance at Topaz Arts
On Saturday, May 6, Eiko performed at (and outside) the multidisciplinary arts organization Topaz Arts. The performance was accompanied the exhibition A Body in Places: Queens Edition displaying work by Eiko Otake and photographer William Johnston – on view May 6 to 28, 2017. The images were from the 2016 collaborative work (performance + photography) at Indian Point Energy Center, in  Buchanan, New York. The photographs from Indian Point were displayed with selected images from A Body in Fukushima (2014-16) the collaborative work in irradiated areas in Fukushima, after the 2011 nuclear meltdowns, following the earthquake and tsunami. The live performance by Eiko was "a poetic response to disaster and proximity".

Eiko's performance in front of  video and photo recording of her performance in Fukushima
The performance is taken to the streets, which uncannily border a power plant:
the signage recalls the potential of a disaster

The performance and exhibition opening from preceded by the workshop Delicious Movement also taught by Eiko. I was familiar with Eiko's work as a spectator but being immersed to become a participant provided a very different level of perception and interpretation. My work also revolves about making of movement from a different yet complementary perspective: I use geometry as internal proprioceptive as well as external physical framework as a means of awareness. Eiko's workshop inspired me to explore movement in a more fluid, personal and emotional expression.