Sunday, June 7, 2009

La Biennale di Venezia 53rd International Art Exhibition Fare Mondi / / Making Worlds | Art and Architecture: Giardini

La Biennale has never been a “white box” container. Since the Biennale beginnings at Giardini, national pavilions architecture was designed as symbol of the country of the pavilion. Although many pavilions architectural style is outdated, their architectural presence becomes is a memory of the time when they were built. Often artists works become specific to the architecture of the pavilion.
At the 2009 Biennale the most interesting examples of art installations relating to the architectural pavilions are from Russia, French, Japan, and Germany.

Video Installations at the Russian Pavillion

Claude Lévêque at the French Pavilion

MiwaYanagi's Windswept Women at the Japanese Pavilion

Liam Gillick at the German Pavilion