Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Real, the Symbolic, and the Imaginary

A program of acousmatic and computer music nestled into the magnificent Neo-Renaissance Theater at the Italian Academy at Columbia University last night.

It included two works by Luigi Ceccarelli, Inferi for electroacoustic sound and Birds for clarinet and electroacoustic sound. The composer was on hand and received appreciative applause from the audience

The video piece, Qayada for electroacoustic sound and video by Alex Ness, brought the medium of the downtown Chelsea art scene uptown. While the video is more sophisticated downtown, the accompanying audio often seems an afterthought. Uptown, the music is more heavily invested, but the video more simplistic. The placement of the screen behind microphones and chair backs created visual distraction.

Limerence by Paula Matthusen scored for banjo and electroacoustic music presented interesting aual experiences. Judy Klein's Railcar for electroacoustic sound hinted at sadness and deportation.

Sponsored by Federazione CEMAT-SONORA, Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, NYU Department of Music, and others