Sunday, July 10, 2011

camminando NYC | Walking Through Williamburg, B’lyn, A View From Outside

Williamsburg gives the impression that it could spontaneously combust into a fit of creativity at any moment. Equally, there is a fear it could explode into a giant Duane Reade/CVS before our very eyes. The teen-age years of Williamsburg are upon morphs between many personalities, moods and ages as one meanders amongst the blended neighborhoods. As a mere visitor of some regularity, I made a few impressions in an all-day walk-about recently.

Lured by the waterfront Saturday Food-a-thon dubbed, “”Smorgesburg”, I picked through 50 vendors of daring concoctions to find just the right combo to amuse my bouche. With mission accomplished I could proceed beyond the culinary arts:

Pierogi Gallery, 177 N. 9th Street,is tricky to locate as the doorway and signage is “subtle”, but worth traversing the block once or twice til spotted. This “early adopter” opened in Wiilamsburg in1994, taking it’s name from a dumpling common in the Eastern European community that has populated the area since WWII.

28 artist participate in the current exhibition SUBJECTIVE/OBJECTIVE (til July 28th).

(photo:Untitled, Dawn Clemets, sumi ink on paper. Foreground- Study for Bases of Fallen Idols, Jonathan Schipper, cast marble)

An addendum to Pierogi, The Boiler, 191 N. 14th St. Brooklyn is a former factory boiler room with 40 foot ceilings to accommodate larger installations and performance pieces. Pierogi enjoys a reputation of some gravitas in the NY’s art community.

Fitzgerald Jewelry, is a 10 year old gallery and jewelry school located in an old button factory near McCarren Park. Jewelry artists, both professional and student come to work and exhibit in Fitzgerald’s. Owners Michael Fitzgerald and his wife, Hiroyo are at the helm.

174 North 11th St,

(photo: Cecelia Sozzi,student & exhibitor; Michael Fitzgerald, and Gabriella Ortiz, assistant & student)

228 North 12th St, adjacent to McCarren Park.

Exuberant street art/architecure abound on Williamsburg streets.