Monday, August 1, 2011

Vernissages | The Axis Mundi of Ektoras Binikos

The Spencertown Academy of Columbia County (NY) offered an unexpected encounter with the Axis Mundi of Ektoras Binikos: a compelling exhibition of video, drawings and performance from the multi-media Greek born artist, currently living in New York.

The exhibition is, emphatically yes, titled “Axis Mundi”; the opening night ended with one-hour performance where music played by the violinist Eva Ingolf intersected with light projections by Binikos.

The artist says:
“I am interested in the circuitous route but nevertheless limited paths of time.
I see the present as a distorted component of time where memories are not devalued, nor are they fully understood, and the future as a state of quivering anticipation.
I am trying to resist specific locations and determinations or full narrative, whether temporal, geographical or psychological."

Not to be missed —for more information visit the Spencertown Academy or Ektoras Binikos site.