Monday, June 9, 2014

performances | Geelong, "1984" at GPAC

A multimedia rendering of  the "1984" novel opened on Thursday at the Geelong Performing Art Center GPAC. The dystopian novel by George Orwell is yet a dark rendering of the many facets of surveillance and lost of privacy almost all of us are facing today. Even if, hopefully in a positive bright way, the connection with remote places brought by social networks, GPS, smartphones and cameras, are not far from the invasive "big brother" of 1949 novel. Food for thought, and sensory dark and obsessive feast for the eye, was brought by the towering screens in the set design, where technology of the remote video images was in contrast with the set portraying the real squalid places of the action.

Shake and Stir theater company cast portraying Winston Smith and O'Brien