Sunday, April 12, 2015

camminando | Easter Moon in Las Vegas

The Moon is real!
My axis mundi coordinates have relocated to 36°10′30″N 115°08′11″W, which host the greatest playground in the planet in the Mojave Desert surrounded by the mountain, namely Las Vegas "The Meadows". One of the grandest urban extravaganza not only conceived but actually built —out of money generated by of the most potentially dangerous, yet legal, human addictions: gambling.
In Las Vegas nothing is authentic but everything is real. You can find cultures across the globe and spanning thousand years in Las Vegas Boulevard, better know as Las Vegas Strip, although is located not in the city of Las Vegas but in the municipality of Paradise. The time travel spans thousand years from the ancient Egypt and Rome, to the Italian Renaissance. Venice, Rome, Paris, New York are less than a mile apart.

I am chasing Easter moon in the Strip: our poor satellite although at its full glamour is yet overshadowed by the neon lights. Isn't there perhaps a space Moon theme hotel and casino nearby?
Las Vegas infrastructure and Stratosphere Tower
Ancient Rome at the Cesar Palace

Water plays at music score in front of the Bellagio
Several floors high chandeliers at the Cosmopolitan
Easter Moon chasing in Las Vegas Strip