Saturday, August 1, 2015

memoir | "I Take You As Awful Husband"

Slip of tongue or Freudian slip ? It was definitely a prediction, when repeating after the Boston judge, I said "awful" instead of "lawful".

Very sadly, with profound pain, I remember that day and what came after: humiliations, bullying, financial control, greed, narcissism, coupled with shunning from his family whose greed had manipulated him for all his life . And in the past year the discovery that honesty, the only positive value which I believe belonged to him. was gone.

I have very little good memories of this relationship, which are overwhelmed now by his last coward act, putting our daughter's well being in the hand of a greedy divorce attorney whose only interest is to make as much profit as possible from our pain.

And somehow I feel sorry for him; even if dangerous, he is ultimately a coward, desperately looking for attention.

Looking onwards and upwards.