Friday, March 19, 2021

The Evil of Banality: “Beata Solitude Sola Beatitudo” While Surviving Abuse

2021 marked the seventh year of my divorce litigation. Three years after the judgement of divorce was signed I am still dealing with its aftermath. My divorce was characterized by corruption, greed and injustice. It seems that I had to face all the “evil” of human nature. Abuse extended from the domestic walls to bullying by neighbors and even by peopled once I thought were friends. My world fell into the “rabbit hole” while I developed Legal Abuse Syndrome. Thanks to a healthy frugal lifestyle, a movement practice and creative endeavors, I have been able to live a productive life. I daily practice yoga and while living in New York City I was daily power walking, often over 15–20 kilometers a day. But any exposure to bullying and harassment triggers severe anxiety, nightmares, insomnia while reliving traumatic episodes.

A clip from the daily recordings of my yoga practice, 19 March 2021