Sunday, November 1, 2009

Event | New York City Marathon: Endurance and Motivation

I usually don't like spectator/spectacle sports: the only exeception is the New York City marathon. Every year many thousands of runners (over 100,000 applicants in 2009) gather to endure the 26.2 mile race.

The runners are from all around the world, from many different social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. And many different level of fitness, including a large number of physically challenged participants. So are the spectators, from so many different neighbourhoods around the city and often even arriving from different countries to cheer not only their friends, but everybody who participates. No ticket to purchase and no line to wait on; just get outside in the streets and parks. Diversity is the only thing in common among runners and spectators.

The marathon is not about the few prize winners, but about everybody who participates. And it is mainly about motivation, drive and endurance. What a wonderful metaphor for life, running and overcoming obstacles, giving your best in spite of adversities. And running is the simplest and most primitive way to arrive at a destination, going through different landscapes, views, streets, parks, roads...

This year I made the resolution that next year I will be not only a spectator, but a participant. Anybody else joining me?