Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Events | NYC, 100th Anniversary of Futurism at the Italian Cultural Institute

Three exhibitions related to Futurism opened yesterday at the New York Italian Cultural Institute:
  • 100 years of Futurism, Futurist Manifestos and Paintings
  • Feminine Futures: Valentine de Saint-Point,
  • 100 years from Giro d'Italia
The exhibitions presented a variety of materials including photos, written manifestos, press clips and archival footage of about three decades around the birth of Italian Futurism. Particularly interesting was the footage and photographs about the beginning of modern dance, curated by Adrien Sina. Choregraphies and performances by Martha Graham, Josephine Baker, Hedwig Hageman, Rudolph Laban, Ruth Page and Mary Wigman illustrated the intersections between humand body and space in the harmony of movement.