Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Events | Art Basel Miami Beach 2010

Irene Sperber

photo credit Irene Sperber

45 GIANT PINK SNAILS announce a season that is anything but slow and plodding for Miami and Miami Beach during Art Basel’s invasion December 2-5.

Backing the public art project Galleria Ca' d'Oro, an Italian art collective and a Rome-based gallery, is opening a Coral Gables offshoot in December. The 8’ x 11’ snails are promoting environmental consciousness along with the message to slow down and listen to our planet. Made of recycled violently hued pink plastic, the snails are causing Miamians to stop and smile as the mollusks are suddenly appearing in residential Miami Beach neighborhoods close to the ART BASEL venue. There is a rumor that the snails will be moved a little closer to the Art Basel Convention Center site every few days, ending up at the adjacent park by December 2nd.

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photo credit Irene Sperber