Sunday, November 7, 2010

Exhibitions | NY Art Books Fair

It's November, and time again for the annual NY Art Book Fair (at its fifth edition), one of the most refreshing and energetic events of the NYC art world.
The energy comes from the multeplicity and diversity of the exhibitors: usually small presses of different ages, sizes and contents, ranging from political activism to visual poetry and conceptual photography.
It seems to be the place where creativity can still exists without being deraged from the big commercial galleries, real estate and collectors.Even now, when content seems to be delivered in format quite diverse from the traditional printed paper, art books are still vital examples of creative expression.
And it is quite indicative of the current "cultural decentralization" that for the second year the NY art book fair takes place outside Manhattan at one the historical places of NY visual art "avant-guarde".
Just a few snapshots, trying to capture the dynamic and diverse atmosphere of the fair: