Thursday, January 27, 2011

Camminando | SNOWSCAPES

Puffy, soft, immense, peaceful, powdery, brilliant, quiet,elegant, sinuous, treacherous, reflective, magical, silent, bright, majestic...

From the many definitions of snow these are some of the words which came to my mind this morning, while I was walking through Central Park. My goal was the recording of the sun rising in this quite special morning, when NYC seemed to slow down its usual frenetic pace.

But I got intrigued instead by the peaceful beauty of the snowscapes, admiring the nature-made sculptures: the trees, with their ephemeral white powder finish, seemed structures even stronger than usual in their skeletal powerful presence.

The yellow master of the universe made finally only a brief appearance, leaving the white queen to reign undisputed, at least for this early morning.

Photo credit: Daniela Bertol

Photographs and text are excerpts from the conceptual multimedia project
“Axes Mundi: Perceptions and Understanding of Places as Intersections of Space, Time and Culture"