Monday, January 31, 2011

Events | Miami, Lincoln Road and New World Symphony

Lincoln Road and New World Symphony
by Irene Sperber

Lincoln Road, in the heart of Miami Beach, is coming full circle. A flurry of new building by world renown architects has pushed Miami Beach into a new stratosphere beyond its previous heyday (30's to early 60's), culminating with the opening of Gehry's New World Symphony campus this week.

It is exhilarating to see where technology has taken us. Frank Gehry and Michael Tilson Thomas put their heads together to produce a synergistic blast-off into a New World of symphonic experience.

Visir their web site for in-depth information: New World Symphony

"Wallcast" -

Bi-weekly the New World Symphony will be projected onto the huge white plaster wall outside the symphony building. Seven sail-like screens within the theater are used to project videos inside (which you can see from outside also) to go along with the concert. Wagners "The Flying Dutchman" about a cursed Sea Captain, was one of the first pieces played on night #1. A 2.5 acre park with surround sound completes a new experience, as locals and visitors can listen to a concert from the balmy realms of Soundscape Park. The visuals and sound are spotlessly clear and clean.

Michael Tilson Thomas, NWS Artistic Director,
greets the first audience outside the concert hall on the huge 7-story WALLCAST projection.

Several pergola sculptures pepper the Soundscape Park.
Beautiful bouganvillia bushes are planted in each; one day take over the shapes to create a riot of floral color over the forms.

The Lincoln Road Cinema by Zyscovich Architects

Lincoln roads 1.5 year old parking garage with no walls by Herzog and Meuron.

The views and design are so stunning that people hold weddings and other events on the top floor. The fabulous clothing store, AlChemists, resides alone on one of the upper most floors.

1111 Lincoln Road also houses shops on the ground floor under the parking garage

First Night, January 25th
The Grand Opening of Gehry's New World Center presented a wall video mural by artists Tal Rosner and C.E.B. Reas. Outside entertainment was provided by the band, Tiempo Libre. It was the first time Gehry had seen the project finished and was moved to tears.

Photo credit: Irene Sperber