Saturday, September 10, 2011

Vernissages NYC | Chelsea September 9: Re-Forming Space

Space was the theme du jour at Friday night art openings in Chelsea. Revisited and re-presented in different media, scales, materials and messages. Link
Space intersected with time, as in the Leandro Erlich’s "Two Different Tomorrows" at Sean Kelly Gallery. The exhibition features four sculptural/architectural installations, based on elevators. This functional object/space is de-constructed, de-contextualized and re-presented in many different meaning of the most basic spatial and temporal perceptions, which reminded me of Jean Piaget’s genetic epistemology studies: inside-out, up and down, past and present. Mirrors and video illusionary effects add to the depth of this exhibition which engage and amuses the cognitive state of the viewer. Not to be missed!

Less rigorous approach and more traditional presentation of "de-construction" at Derek Eller Gallery presenting Adam Marnie "Locus Rubric":

More space with the iconic Lucio Fontana's seminal "cut" on space and matter, presented at Andrea Rosen Gallery —excusez moi, but I could not understand the association with Ruby Sterling, and did not get any help as a press release...

Lucio Fontana "cuts"

Not so much on space, —and yet, another psychological citation— but nicely presented at the Winkleman Curatorial Research Lab was DOTTO LOTTO "an installation of almost 3,000 connect-the-dot puzzles on business reply mail postcards completed and returned by people in New York City and across the globe, along with an animation video that "connects" the postcards":