Monday, July 30, 2012

Camminando | Toronto: Do Buildings Define a City?

To a first time visitor Toronto gives the impression of a city of major development without urban planning. The skyline throuhout is made of scattered highrise buildings, both commercial or residential. The street grid Is constellated by buildings but it seems like there is no urban impact of the buildings of street front or void definers: there is hardly any focal point or axis definition bt the solids of buildings which do not define an urban grids. With the exception of course with the signature buildings: it seems that every archistar left his trace trademark here, and as usual, with no connection to the existing site. Cranes pop up like mushroom in this steel and concrete forest, but how do these countless highrises define places?

There some nicely planned/designed public green spaces, the most recent located in the Lake Ontario waterfront. My favorite are the Toronto Music Garden and the Humber Bay Park.