Thursday, January 10, 2013

Performances | The Medium is the Message...and the Prop is the Content

Fuerza Bruta is a collection of seemingly detached stunts, where the performers on a movable platform interact with the moving audience. Strobe and UV lighting, water, mist, fogs ladders, hooks and ropes holding the suspended actors, and many other theatrical tricks create a psychedelic environment of colors, movement and purposeless actions.
    Yet the show is mesmerizing, and definitely engaging, in a sensory feast of colors, lights, movement and sounds.

Below a collection of visual memories, in chronological order. The walking/running man is the thread connecting the collection of actions and visual effects.

The walking begins, in the middle of the theater, emptied of seats. The cheering audience is instructed to move to different locations throughout the show.

"Flying" performers on a shimmering curtain

 Performers move on a plastic water filled ceiling right above the audience heads

 Finale: the "running man" going through a paper wall

A lot of clean-up after the show