Thursday, January 24, 2013

publications | On the Road, Down by the Water

Axes Mundi is a twenty-first century travel series of interactive/multimedia ebooks, guiding one to discover the poetry of places. Integrating geospatial data with artwork and journals, Axes Mundi amalgamates information with photography and artworks, reminding us that, travel, like life, “is a journeynot a destination."
On the Road, Down by the Water, the first guide of Axes Mundi, narrates a 2400 kilometer loop starting in Manhattan and crossing the border to Canada. It is inspired by the bodies of water encountered and how nature and manmade places are shaped by water, presenting views of American life from the road. It brings out the beauty in a part of our continent which saw its heyday many decades (or even centuries) ago; the old industrial northeast, from the steel mills of Pennsylvania to the great Erie Canal in New York to the Canadian towns and infrastructure of the early eighteen hundreds.
Interactive maps with diagrams, video and photo sequences, recreate the itinerary. Discover mainstream and lesser known destinations during this water inspired journey: Bethlehem, Fallingwater, Ohiopyle, Pittsburgh, Lake Erie, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Toronto, Lake Ontario, Thousand Islands, Saint Lawrence River, Rideau Canal and Erie Canal.


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