Thursday, April 11, 2013

More Tales from the Great Ocean Road: Torquay

As the warm weather is about to disappear for the third week in a row I paid my homage to the majestic Southern Ocean, which last Sunday was not roaring as usually. The almost absent surf lured me to finally immerse in the not too cold —at least in comparison with the Atlantic waters of the north-east coast— water of Torquay beach.

 Cypresses bent by the wind at Torquay beach parking lot

 The Surf beach

 Spring Creek

 Point Torquay

 On the beach and in the water

 Walking through and viewing from Point Danger

 Finally the "built environment": Rip Curl store and the legendary surfers from the Rip Curl competition at Bells Beach

 A taste of India in Deborah's universe

The sun at the meridian crossing Deborah's trellis