Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Interactive Multimedia Publication | The Sky from Earth: Sky Spirals


I am pleased to announce the publication of Sky Spirals, the first interactive book of the series  “Frames of Sky from Earth”. Sky Spirals captures the intersections of art, astronomy and architecture and brings to the digital media the spirit of of the ancient interpretations of the sky, often illustrated in the celestial atlases, merging imagination with science in a poetic view of the cosmos.
Sky Spirals also includes also multimedia content from proposals for public art projects developed by the author in the 1990s and based on the spiral shape as a metaphor and literal expression of a link between remote and local places, virtual and geographic locations. The aim of Frames of Sky from Earth, in conjunction with the public art projects, is ultimately to construct theories and methodologies of placemaking reconnecting ourselves to the perception of universe — the belief that the self and the universe and are not separate entities but part of the same system can bring ecological awareness to be integrated in our daily life practices.

To purchase or download a free preview visit the iTunes store:  Frames of Sky from Earth | SKY SPIRALS