Sunday, December 1, 2013

Journeys | Life is not a Beach

This is my last 2013 weekend in Australia and today, a warm almost sunny day, I have decided to take a break from my study and go to Torquay beach, one of my favorite places in Oz. It is the first time I go there by myself by public transportation and took about two-hours to a destination which can be reached in twenty minutes by car. Getting off the bus I walked toward Zeally bay, reached the beach and there I practiced my usual ritualistic hatha yoga routine "Finding the Axis Mundi". Then I went swimming and was surprised by the water not being as clear as usual. After only one and half hour of time spent on the beach I ventured back to the bus stop for my other two-hour-instead-of-twenty-minutes return. I got off at the Belmont stop, missed the bus back to Waurn Ponds and decided foolishly to walk back (a 5km walk in urban sprawl and highway). It was hot and after only two kilometers I was exhausted, and ankle started hurting. But once again I found an angel who gave me a ride to my current Australian "home"; this time the angel took shape in a Chinese family: a Deakin PhD student with his wife and lovely baby girl.

The day overall whereabouts
Walking and swimming in Torquay
A sprawl walk in Belmont toward my current residence